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  1. Strange mine won't even open up now when I double click the icon on my desktop. It instantly disappears.
  2. I laminated the checklist 😂
  3. https://flightsim.to/c/liveries/aerosoft-crj-700/ and they have -550’s as well.
  4. I feel like this thread got out of hand real quick but I do not agree with the negative approach of Rolando at all. You should have known from day one what kind of plane this was since we literally had over 230 pages of chatter. But to vehemently down talk Aerosofts products without even giving it a try, learning, YouTube videos, manuals, etc. It's 2021 and the information out there is accessible. Same with I am getting absolutely tired of streamers talking nothing but negative in regards to the CRJ. They go straight to "ITS PRODUCTS DEFECT" without even watching tutorials or reading the manuals. I'm sorry but I knew from the get-go that the people who would have the hardest time learning this aircraft are the people who are so used to total automation and A/T on Beings and Airbus lol. I am not saying this product is 100% free from issues, but when we have real CRJ pilots streaming flying the plane have less issues than a regular simmer, it's literally user error (which I am also guilty of). Can't stand people not wanting to put in the time to learn something new and awesome.
  5. First legs I have planned for the Aerosoft CRJ with Virtual United Airlines(I landed previously in KSMF with the XP11 CRJ-200): 1. KSMF-KLAX 2. KLAX-KSEA 3. KSEA-KSFO 4. KSFO-CYYC
  6. Oh man next week can't come soon enough lol I've never been this excited for a flight sim aircraft release EVER. I do love how I am excited for the Aerosoft CRJ and the Just Flight Piper Arrow III. Gonna play the heck out of both and MSFS.
  7. If I've flown the JROllon CRJ-200 would it be a massive change flying the Aerosoft CRJ? Like systems-wise and layout of the cockpit? I know the Aerosoft plane will be far beyond the quality of the XP11 CRJ-200 but just as a general overview. I was just curious since I've been prepping myself a bit with the CRJ-200 lol
  8. I still fly the JRollon CRJ-200 a little bit today, prepping for Aerosofts CRJ lol
  9. I just spat out my green tea on my desk. Out of excitement reading this lol
  10. I think my first flight will be the Aerosoft tutorial flight followed by KSFO-KSNA for my virtual airlines
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