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  1. Unfortunately there is no way to change the high beam directly, but you can try to use gamma, and contrast and field of view in game to change your view. Here you can see my driving with nearly 100KM/H and gamma on 3 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2546673085
  2. Hello, currently there is a bug with the steering and you get a meesage that your are behvaing wrong. We and the devs are aware of this, but unfotunately there is not much you or I can do, except waiting for a hotfix.
  3. Hello, do you have already executet : https://ntcore.com/?page_id=371 on your omsi.exe
  4. Hallo, das Forum ist für den ersten Teil gedacht, aber ich denke es geht um den zweiten? Stellen Sie einmal die Empindlichkeit der Kamera in den Spiel Optionen runter.
  5. Hallo kein Problem, dafür ist das FOrum ja da Wenn Sie weitere Fragen haben, zögern Sie nicht.
  6. Hallo Mattrockt, prüfen Sie bitte mit [TAB] ob alle Einsatzfahrzeug bereit sind, sonst kommt kein Einsatz, und der "Stuhl Skipp" funktioniert dann auch nicht
  7. Hallo Brunni, für mich klingt das so, als würde Ihr Sohn auf der Beta spielen und dort in der Gameloop.cs wird der Dienstantritt übersprungen. Wenn alle Fahrzeuge "Bereit sind", können Sie sich auf einem Stuhl oben im Büro oder der Terasse setzen, um einen kleinen Zeitsrpung zu machen und den nächsten Einsatz zu "triggern".
  8. Hello, just wanted to notify that I forwarded it to the developer. Also I dont think the GTX 1080 is the problem here
  9. No need to create viedeo I guess the dev will understand it like its for now. If you dont have any issues with the main game in case fps it means your system is fine. Did you checked the integrity of game files via steam?
  10. Thanks for the timestamp now I could see it, about the viedeo. I tried to listen but your voice is much to quiet compared to the ingame sound. About the FPS Problems try to lower the tile spawn rate in the settings. About missing texture please remember to execute the 4gb patch everytime the omsi.exe changes :https://ntcore.com/?page_id=371. About the horn error I can only suggest to verify the integrity of your steam game files. I will send the youtube link to Rhys for further investigations.
  11. I cant see the garage bug in the video, or i missed in, can you give an exact timestamp where your buggs happen?
  12. Does this bus belong to the map? Or are you mixing addons here?
  13. Is the game already installed, and you just need an offlineactivation? If so, did you usd the Aerosoftlauncher to create such a request? https://launcher.aerosoft.com/ After that we should get a automatic request with the necessary data and can send you the key.
  14. Hello again, sounds to me that some textures are not loading properly, do you have the 4 GB Patch installed? https://ntcore.com/?page_id=371
  15. Hello SamuelHeine, Thank you for the bug report! We are aware of this error and are currently working on a fix. This bug has often to do with bad performance while driving, so if you low down your settings a little bit it should not appear that common
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