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  1. Dear Hanse OK, understood. My favorite procedure is ; Check today's weather looking forecast of weather, Active sky's METAR. Then think about flight route and make plight plan using "Little navmap", then transfer the file to the folder of airbus flight plan, sometime using ATC-PRO, from network PC. Make fuel plan and load of airbus fuel planner referring wing aloft. Start up sim and A321 with Cold & Dark condition. Power on, then open the doors, load cargo, fuel passenger on MCDU3. Set flight plan on MCDU1. Start checklist. Therefore, I almost never use previous flight plan. I will do the way you suggested in coming update future. Dear Goshob Thank you for your kind photos. They were very understandable. At the beginning of flight with A321, I have read "step by step" document where I could see the checklist tables in various situation from cockpit preparation. Due to may be I am not English language, the lists seemed not match to the real call out in the sim. Sometimes, pronunciation was different from my saying, ex, AUTO (Oh two, I hear). And as for the WXR setting, I could not find default position is WX+T. Anyway, I will try what you suggested. I will check what happens in WXR setting. Thank you again. Best regards to so kind gentlemen Moto. Miyawaki
  2. Dear Hanse According to your recommendation, I started sim with Cold&Dark. At the first start-up of A321 after installation , system was set to "Turn around". I have changed it to Cold & Dark, then close sim and restart. I could not understand why my WXR set to WX. Since I did know WXR should be set to WX+T, at the start up, I have turned knob to WX+T position. Saitek panel might have some influence, because at the very first toggle of any switch, some signal seemed to send. Sometimes light turned ON, sometimes nothing hapened. That is another my headache. Reviewing the related forums, there are some talks on this matter that Saitek panels emit some signal at the begining of power up once. Therefore, I have to manually reset those switches to Cold & Dark condition if happened. That is the things I know. Moto. Miyawaki
  3. Thank you Hanse again. Turn the knob to WX+T was quite right way for me. Everything went well to the end of flight. Again, thank you Hanse for your tenacious support !!!. Simple question is why CO could not turn the WXR knob to WX+T eventhough CO mode was ON. One more, I have very little stutter of sim when checklist called. However, that is very litte for me. Anyway, I come to be able to have flight with latest version. Great. Moto. Miyawaki
  4. Dear Hanse It is regrettable to hear of not able to get version 1.4.1. Attached png file is of WXR panel that I took while checklist called "mode?" repeatedly. As you said, sys switch seemed to be stayed OFF position. One more png file is of MCDU3 while checklist called "mode?" too. I have been ON both CHECKLIST and COPILOT. As for my PC setting, I do not know which are specific. My sim is Prepar3d V5.1 HF1 with Saitek yoke, multipanel, radio panel, switchpanel, and BU0836A board. Add-on are activesky ASP3D with ASCA, EZCA3.1 ,Ultimate Traffic live and FSUIPC6. Almost all switches are controlled through Spad.next using LVars or simconnect. That is, I think, not specific. N1 signal of engine, aileron and elevator position, autopilot mode, and autothrottle mode are detect by simconnect or Lvar using mobiflight and FSUIPC for the external display. I have just installed A321 pro by installer without any additional and manual modification for ex. folder, config file etc. What I remarked on LVars is in case of version 1.4.1 spad.next could detect more LVars than in case of version That might be specific of Spad.next not depending to airbus. Therefore I could control more switches by spad.next especially lighting control. Anyway, since I could not get version 1.4.1, I will wait for coming next update that might be OK for my PC. Thank you Hanse for your kind comments. Moto. Miyawaki
  5. Dear Hanse I have did complete uninstall and reinstall A321pro as you recommened according to your attached file. After, update by ASupdater as admin, version is 1.4.2. Unfortunately, checklist has stopped at WXR, and repeat the call of "mode?" as same as before. I could not push AS PUSHBACK too. No INFOBAR appeared. I could not go on to the next step. It can't be helped, again, I have uninstalled version 1.4.2 and install original downloaded one (ver Then start sim. Checklist has stopped at WXR too, however, by pushing skip key then I could select AS PUSHBACK and proceed to the next step. "INFO BAR" appeared and said "CONFIGURE AND PUSHBACK). After that I could continue the following checklists to the end of flight. Having above results, I think version 1.4.2 might not work in my simulater setting, I do not know why. However, version 1.4.1 was quite good for me since LVars were much listed than version on my Spad.next setting. Thererfore, I like to have version 1.4.1. Could you show me how do I do for that? Moto. Miyawaki
  6. Thank you Hanse for your suggestion. As you kindly recommended, I have tried to start with FO's help to ON. By pushing key of 1 (INFO BAR appeared), cockpit preparation checklist has started. All checklists seemed to be well done to the call of "weather rader gain, mode?". Every switches were to be ON according to the checklist by FO automatically. However, as same as I stated above, checklist call stopped at ""weather rader gain, mode?", and repeated call of "mode?". The checklist before coming to "weather rader gain, mode?" was "radio panel" related. Then, it can't be helped, I pushed LSK2 of MCDU3 for skip. Nothing goes to next step. No text (INFO BAR) appeared in the display. I have tried to go next step(push back), after activating APU. However, I could not activate AS PUSHBACK. I have got stucked as same as before. Would you please advise for checking what is wrong? Something like log file? Moto. Miyawaki
  7. Thank you Hanse for your reply. As for the timing of APU_ON, in case of former version, for the sake of period reduction, I prefered to power APU in advance to start of check list. I could hear of answer voice during the checklist as "APU powered" instead of "external power". Even such way, I could continue the checklist afterward without problem. Anyway, having your suggestion, I have tried to check where or when my issue happens exactly without starting APU. Results are; Checklist stoped at the question of "weather rader gain mode?". In this case I pushed key (LSK2L) of MCDU3 for skipped. After that nothing continues. Even though I checked "ON" for INFO BAR and HOKEYS in the option menu for checklist, No sign appears. As you said, I could see INFOBAR showing somethig like a situation of checklist in case of former version. As above mentioned, after pushing LSK2L for skip checklist, I could not do any action afterward. Is that any fact or gain for checking the reason? Moto. Miyawaki
  8. Hi I have a trouble on checklist and pushback after update to 1.4.2. My sim is P3d V5 HF1, and a320, a321 pro. I had the problem on airplane of a321 IAE and a321CFM . I did not check how of a320. In the menu of MCDU3, I do not select GSX as for pushback. I did not have such a problem on former version. Problem is; Start sim, select a321, power on, set load and fuel in MCDU3, set flight plan in MCDU1, power on APU, then start checklist in MCDU3. Start cockpit preparation checklist without FO's help, this goes well till the end. Then push the key in MCDU3 of pushback way of AS PUSHBACK in ground service. Nothing changes or happens. Therefore I could not go foreward hereafter. In former version, I could select AS PUSHBACK menu and checklist goes next step of "before start checklist" for pushback automatically. I could continue the checklist afterward. How do I servey the reason of this issue? Any advice would be so helped. Moto. Miyawaki
  9. Hi Does anybody know how to get 3rd MCDU on networked tablet? I have purchased a321 pro for p3d v5. I could see 1st MCDU and control all the keys on my network tablet by activating "a3xxconnectpro_a320a321_v5.exe" (192.xxx.xx.xx:4040) on flying PC successfully. However, as you may know of the application named "aviaserver", I have that for my a321 pro too, could see and control both 1st and 2nd MCDU on my network tablet conveniently. So, if 3rd MCDU were on network tablet, that should be more comfortable. That is why I put above question. I could make 3rd MCDU pop-upped by pushing key. However, if view mode were switched over to another, that disappears. I should push key again, that is bothering. I wish I could see and control 3rd MCDU on tablet through "a3xxconnectpro_a320a321_v5.exe" by something changed of parameters. Any suggestion would be very appreciated. M. Miyawaki
  10. Thank you for your quick reply. It sounds so regretful. As you may know, there is same type of webserver named aviaserver that could be used for airbus professional version. I could not use it for my airbus that is not pro version. I have aviaserver for my flight of QW787, PMDG 737, and Q400. It could change its size depending to the layout of the tablet so as to fit the size and direction of using the browser. In may case , that is MS edge browser. Anyway thank you for your answer on this matter. I will try to change the resolution of tablet. Thank you.
  11. Hi My product is A320 A321 for FSX. I am enjoying the flight with them. Owing to the discussion in this forum on how to set up PC and tablet for getting well_operate_webserver of MCDU. I could use MCDU for both direction as I wanted. Much thanks. Then I have another problem and could not see the discussion related in the forum. The size of display of MCDU on my tablet (old win10 32bit) is too big in landscape mode so that I could not see one third of lower area of MCDU. Turning around tablet to portrait, the size is OK with almost full in the display. However, usually I use the tablet in landscape because of its location against to the main display, I would like to see MCDU in full range even in landscape. The size of MCDU in the tablet could be a little bit smaller in such case, it does not matter for me. Does anybody know how? I wonder if something to change in windows setting, but I could not find the way. Any suggestion would be very appreciated.
  12. Solved, however why??? I have repeated to switch over selected aircrafts within a couple of A321s series. When I selected A321 of airbus color, I could reached the Lvars of AB_MPL_ND_Mode, and AB_MPL_ND_Range. Then I have assigned those Lvars to my own swithes, both were controlled as I wanted. I heard the characteristic of Lvar is such a thing. That was thing?. Anyway, I was settled.
  13. Hi I wonder if this is proper forum or not on my question. I have purchased airbus a320 321 for FSX recently. Version is as follows; ProductCode=1309, ProductName=Airbus A320/A321, Version=131. I am trying set-up my Saitek switch panel and my own built switch panel using Bu0836A. Having been reviewing this forum topics on Lvar of airbus, and found AXE_SDK_108.xls related topics, then download it. In the file, I found the Lvars just I am searching. They are AB_MPL_ND_Mode, and AB_MPL_ND_Range. However, I could not find both Lvars in the sim. Lvars I found are set1_AB_MPL_ND_Mode, and set1_AB_MPL_ND_Range. I could not control navigation display by these Lvars. Is there any other Lvars that can control navigation display? Or, did I do anything wrong? Any suggestion would be very helpful for me. Thank you in adavance.
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