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  1. Hi mopperle, I just realized that there is another Aerosoft>Airbus_Fallback>NavDataPro folder inside the DLC>500201 folder. I checked the cycle_info file of the DLC>500201 folder and it's the 1511 Cycle. Would it be posible that I need to replace the NavDataPro folder of the DLC>500201 folder for the NavDataPro folder of the FSX>Aerosoft>Airbus_Fallback folder?
  2. How do I check this one? I cannot see were is NDP storing the data. I can see this folder and there's info there but not sure if the updated one, please find some screenshots below: Let me know if you need further information
  3. In the Airbus Configurator the selected option is NavDataPro. Find below a screenshot of the MCDU.
  4. Hi mopperle, I finally managed to download and install the 2008 Cycle via NDP software (thanks for your help) but even if NDP says the installation was correct I still see the 1511 Cycle in the FMS when running the A320. Am I missing any step? The installation gives an error but I assume is because of some products that I selected but I don't have. It says Install success for Aerosoft Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321. I bought Airbus A320/A321 on Steam so I assume that's the correct one.
  5. Let me clarify myself. I bought NavDataPro - Single Dataset on the 22nd of July, downloaded the NDP software, ran it and tried to download the dataset I just payed for. From the very beggining (22nd of July) the NDP software was just offering me the 2008 but you are telling me that since I bought it in July I can just get the 2007 cycle that has never been available in the NDP software from the 22nd of July onwards. Sorry, I'm a bit confused. What did I pay for?
  6. Okay, probably the problem is what you mentioned about the cycle since the system is pre-selecting the 2008 Cycle and there are no more options on the drop down list? How can I change this to download 2007 Cycle? Thank you!
  7. I checked the Account box and both Serial Number and e-mail adress are correct. What did I pay for if not for a 1 cycle download?
  8. When I try to download the dataset via NDP software I get the error message I was mentioning before "You are not entitled to download the new version of the NAV-data Please check your user account". Could you please help me out?
  9. I don't think so, how can I do that? (Sorry for the radio silence)
  10. Hi there, I just bought NavDataPro - Single dataset and when I try to update I get the following error message: "You are not entitled to download the new version of the NAV-data Please check your user account" I accessed FSX and ran the Airbus A320 but I don't get any new Dataset as secondary. Thank you in advance!
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