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  1. Thanks, I have now emailed from my last response to MS and have had an acknowledgement. Will now wait and see. Martin
  2. This is not directly to do with the update, but from the installation after uninstalling.
  3. Hi, after all this time since August I have had to reinstall MSFS several times, including direct assistance from MS. Now after this latest update, following previous instructions I am stuck! After following the booklet with the discs and getting to page 9 I am following those last instructions to revert to Aerosoft. So please understand the issue, thank you. This morning using the exe directly the sim would not launch and trying various ways with no success. Following MS instructions from before I uninstalled MSFS and rebooted the PC. From the MS Store I found my purchase and downloaded the installer, both with and without Disc 1 in the PC. Upon launch, nothing happens! Can you help please. The PC is only used for MSFS. Thankyou Martin
  4. Akki, fortunately, I saved my Community folder on another computer and will move them across when I know the installation is stable. Are you saying that the boxed material has not been installed? In the previous install when everything was running smoothly, there was nothing outstanding in the content manager. Martin
  5. Mathijs: Strange happenings last night! In the MS Store there was nothing there on any previous installation. later I looked again and there were 2 items, Microsoft Flight Simulator stating launch, and Microsoft Flight Simulator: Premium deluxe Preorder stating manage. I launched as stated and the process went on during the night. At launch, this morning, I noticed in the Content Manager that there was Core Content - Mandatory Packages - By Asobo Studio for 80.74GB, relaunch the game to update. I tried this several times and it will not install! How do I know if the boxed version has been installed, what can I look for to verify this? One thing I noted is that in the tree structure, is that in WpSystem, under Packages, Microsoft.FlightSimulater_RANDOMLETTERSNUMBERS there is no SystemAppData folder with Helium and wgs folders. The latter is important as it has files with the controllers configurations in it! Therefore, I would be grateful if you could tell me how to get (a) the mandatory package of 80.74GB and (b) what I should look for to see if the dvd content has been installed? Thanks Martin
  6. Martin ParrToday at 18:32 I have installed Premium Deluxe by disc. It has been running OK since I initially installed just after launch date. Until now. I have communicated with Aerosoft who have instructed me to contact Microsoft directly about the issue. The initial dvds were installed to the default location om my C Drive, but the online material was downloaded to my D drive. It's a new computer with the C Drive has limited capacity for what was to be installed. The MSFSPackages folder, specifically the Community folder, was being populated with developer mods, but I could see that in time my C Drive would run out of space. Therefore I created a Junction to plave the MSFSPackages folder onto my D Drive. However, I found that when the Community folder was being populated, so was the one on C Drive. This then defeated the object of the exercise of making use of the D Drive over that of the C Drive. It was now necessary to uninstall MSFS and reinstall it on to my D Drive. I do have a vision impairment with the grey scale and had not noticed there was the option to browse to install where one wanted to. Hence I want to rectify this. Having uninstalled, I tried to reinstall. It go as far as Disc #2, having been directed to my D Drive and a CTD occurred. On further examination I could not understand the issue. I undertook a system restore back to last week and recommenced the reinstallation This time, having reinstalled Disc #1 and let it run, the MS Store opened and said MSFS was already installed!!! No it's not installed. This went on after a number of tries to reinstall. My library is showing Launch I am now stuck and locked out of reinstalling MSFS. Please provide a solution as I am also sure there must be fragments of the original uninstall with the MSFS uninstaller. I have just spent a vast sum on an OMEN 30L PC, Thrustmaster Pendular peddals, Warthog Hotas throttle and joystick, approaching GBP5000, including the Premium Deluxe Boxed version. With Aerosoft telling me to goto you directly, please assist me as soon as is possible. Thankyou Martin Parr
  7. Mathijs, I have sent MS, via zendesk a long explanation, including that Aerosoft told me to contact them directly. This saves them to respond to contact Aerosoft. Can I copy you on what I sent, as it is deeper that what the problem I indicated here. It will not allow me to reinstall! Thanks Martin
  8. Having gone back with a restore point I have tried again to reinstall. This time it takes me to the MS Store, as it cannot install at all. I have given feedback to MS, but my computer thinks it is already installed. Real help is needed, as it is to do with leftover fragments from the uninstallation process. Martin
  9. It's not straightforward... Got to disc 2 and the install failed and CTD. It mentioned a system error - the uninstallation seemed to have left fragments scattered. I have now reverted to a previous restore point. Martin
  10. I have now started to reinstall MSFS! Firstly, I was allowed to install onto my D Drive. No excuses, but I do have an issue, after eye surgery in both eyes a couple of years ago, which left my grey scale impaired. I did not see the Browse text as it was not clear for me. Now that I have finally been able to move forward, perhaps I now do not have to worry about disc space. I would like to know where the CFG is stored for the controller bindings. Any ideas? Thanks Martin
  11. Thanks, preparing now. Couldn't find the cfgs for my controller set up - had many profiles there. Martin
  12. Thank you for responding - it has become a Catch22 scenario:) I am uninstalling MSFS and and will look very closely at the reinstall. I will acknowledge what happens afterwards. To be safe I have moved the Community folder to another PC, so that I have not lost that work. The issue was taken up two ago with Microsoft - they have not responded! Martin
  13. Allow me to take this one step further, please? I have been installing boxed versions of flight simulator for more years than I care to remember. MSFS did NOT allow me to install the the dvds into a location of my choice. I have a new computer for MSFS and wanted to install it on my D drive, but it would only allow it to install to the default. I have tried this twice now. The MSFSPackages folder holding the Community folder is populating very quickly with developer's material for MSFS. Probably, like most computers now, the C drive has limited space while the D drive has well over a TB+. I used a Link Shell Extension, Junction, to place the MSFSPackages folder on my D drive. Now when I populate the Community folder in D it also populated in C, thus defeating the exercise to not have anymore items going to MSFSPackages on the C drive:( Mathijs, I am looking at that "zendesk" text, for the "change where new content is saved", but what exactly does this imply with the content that is already saved on "C" in my case? I ask this because for the "move an app to a different drive" has an implication in that there are two apps for MSFS shown: Microsoft Flight Simulator showing as 0.98GB, with the second one Microsoft Flight Simulator - DVD Content showing as 101GB. The former allows you to move/uninstall it, but the latter only allows you to modify/uninstall it. The modify takes you to the MS Store. What happens if I move the former, as it is only 0.98GB, what exactly is being moved? Coming back to the MSFSPackages folder in D. If I delete that folder, it will also delete it in C! I really need to understand the mechanics of this, by someone who knows about the boxed version. Thanks Martin
  14. UPdate, the profiles for each controller are there, but the controls which had been selected are blank! There must be a CFG somewhere.
  15. Update! The profiles of the controllers are in fact automatically saved somewhere in the on-line system. I was delighted to see all my options saved and ready to use. The Community folder is just a case of moving the folder to the new computer! Thanks Martin
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