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  1. after the installation I can't found the Microsoft Flight Simulator folder at my hard disk any help? thanks
  2. I give a second try ,now I'm at disk 4 ,if I still found problems I will report back .
  3. After 2 hours and 30 minutes at cd number 5 I got error and I start again from the beginning ,no the best start I must say ...
  4. At the moment all we want is to receive The Sim asap. Thanks
  5. One question- when do you plan to start send the boxed version to your customers ? I hope I will have mine the 18th August in my home . Thanks
  6. Hi Are the 10 disks Blu-Ray discs ? will the dvd need to always be in the dvd- driver when playing the game? I ask because I don't have a dvd player in my PC and I plan to buy an external for the installation. Thank you
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