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  1. Only one physical copy will be sold ??? I hope I'll be the choosen one !
  2. It seems that credit card is charged "directly when shipped" for pre-orders. Check this (2012) post : https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/53585-aerosoft-download-shop-payments/&do=findComment&comment=365551 "Pre-orders paid by bank transfer: If you pay via bank transfer you have the opportunity to pay the amount whenever you want. Once the Box has released you can pay the amount and the Box will be shipped as soon as the payment has been confirmed by the accounting department. So this is like the customer posted in the Forum. Pre-orders paid by credit card: The invoice amount will be reserved in the moment the customer makes the pre-order of a not released product, but the credit card will not being charged until the Box has released. Actually the charge will be made on the day of shipment of the delivery. Pre-orders paid by PayPal: The amount will be charged directly when the pre-order has been made and after release the Box will be shipped immediately. Pre-orders with payment after receipt: We actually offer the bank transfer after receipt of product and the automatic debit transfer system for pre-orders, but this is just for domestic orders."
  3. Yes, "European stores". But no information about this on the Aerosoft website.
  4. Yes, strange... But it seems that this is the correct option... And for me second question, does anyone have any clues ? Will it be available from other resellers ?
  5. Are you sure ? On Credit Card payment I can read "Please mind, that the amount you need to pay by credit card, is debited immediately. " Do I have to choose "Payment in advance" ? And will physical editions be only available on Aerosoft website or in others stores too ? Thx !
  6. Hi ! Very interrested by the premium version How does it work for pre-orders ? Instant payment or when shipped ? Thanks !
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