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  1. I highly doubt this is true, given how the Microsoft Store works with digital entitlements, the code in the box would give you full access to download the digital version of the game. During the installation from discs, you will be prompted to sign in with your Microsoft Account, this is so the Microsoft Store knows that you are entitled to the game (and can provide you updates etc), in which case you will own it digitally, just as if you bought it from the Microsoft Store. I say this knowing how previous physical releases have worked with regards to the Microsoft Store.
  2. So I was right, it was the standard and premium deluxe edition Just placed my order for the premium deluxe, can't wait. I'll still install it from the MSFT store via gamepass as I can then pre load the game and just use the code in the box to unlock the extra premium deluxe content.
  3. You mention only two boxed versions? Which 2 out of the 3 digital versions will be available as physical releases? I'm assuming standard and premium deluxe edition? I'm also guessing that the box will contain a code to redeem in the msft store so you end up owning the digital copy but have the choice of either downloading the game from the store or using the discs? This is how the Halo Wars 2 physical PC version was handled.
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