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  1. I forgot how how to perform time compression in the A320. How do we do that? /Vejling
  2. Thank you sir! I will have another look /VEjling
  3. Thank you for answering.! I am on my 4th unsuccesssfull go at flying the tutorial today, something have messed up every time. Do you by any chance know if there is a video somewhere that walks you along (?) Today i made it to chapter 5.15 - "airborne" and then "the system has to be set to "STD=standard" and i should pull the BARO button. I have no clue, what they are talking about. What system should be set to STD and where do we have a "BARO" button "Please also check the "ISIS" the value is set to STD right click on the button right " i am completely clueless,,,,
  4. Hello Do we have an updated tutorial "/step by step -flight, updated with the correct Gates at Frankfurt airport (tutorial says Gate B47 and there is no such thing at EDDF. I fear more data is outdated. /Vejling
  5. If i wore a hat right now, i´d take it of for you. You are an absolute genius. Thank you so much, - exactly that was my problem. Amazing troubleshooting. Thank you ! best regards! ! /Vejling
  6. Hello sir Thank you for your answer No - pressing windows key., alt or ctrl + shift + 4 does not make a difference. I run Prepar3D_v5_Academic_5.0.31.35253 & AS_A318-A319-PROFESSIONAL_P3DV5_V1401 (and Orbx) nothing else. Vejling
  7. As far as i can tell, this must be a bug in the new version. It seems thew MCDU2/3 are 2d and since the new version only has 3d cockpit, it seems not to be working.. I wil try to file a support qustion. /Vejling
  8. Hello sir Thanks you for your reply! Yes i tried that - no cigar. I uninstalled everything, to make sure it was not due some old software causing this. Now i have a freshly installed P3D install, Orbx and the Aerosoft 318/319. Nothing else. Are there any further requirements to get this to function? /Vejling
  9. Trying to go along with the tutorial flight (there is no gate B47 at Frankfurt) i try to "use the ACFT STATE function of the Settings MCDU and set the aircraft to "COLD AND DARK" and i´m asked to press the buttons in the upper red area of the FMC. However nothing happens when i press them - they are simply "unclickable". I have seen P3D "simconnect" mentioned in a forum as a solution to this, but the tutorial does not mention anything about that. What am i missing here - how do i get to press the upper buttons of the FMC ? /Jan Vejling
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