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  1. Solved: have just augemnte the detail of the scene.
  2. Hello I bought FSDG AGADIR to XP11. After installation, there is the present buildings but no markings on the ground is visible. What do I do? Thanks for your help... Hallo Ich kaufte mir FSDG AGADIR nach XP11. Nach der Installation gibt es die heutigen Gebäude aber keine Markierungen auf dem Boden sichtbar ist. Was soll ich tun? Vielen Dank für deine Hilfe...
  3. Thank you for your answers... I tried the shot, in case someone would already have this "failure" but I think I'll go 2 weeks to reset my pc and do a clean reinstall of fsx. May I ask, Mathijs, to consider the replacement of fsx, if he must justify his status on prepard3d to buy a license, pro or academic ? Given that I bought about 120 airports and addons, it would be stupid to lose everything... Thank you
  4. Hello, I do not know if this is the right place for this post, but here's my problem. I use BUTTKICKER Games 2 for a while now without worries about a system its 2.1, with the A318/319/320/321 of aerosoft, Opus and a Realtek sound Manager. As a result of a relocation, I have more vibration when I'm a virtual cockpit mode. However with the view to engines or wings, no worries, it works well (What reassures me that it isn't the BK who died! (J) On the REALTEK Manager, I stay in stereo with virtual surround, otherwise I have no sounds ATC. If I go to 5.1, by disabling the big not installed, ca does not work or more. In configurations FSX (sound) I selected both for sounds that voice, the realtek (hau-speaker or headset jack). Does anyone have an idea of the cause or solution to propose? A very big thank you, Gilles
  5. Guess where i find him.... fsx 2017-07-23 16-46-00-63.bmp
  6. Hello, the window is not simply to stretch down? Gilles
  7. Hello, on my side, tested on flight LDSPLFMN but with AirbusXConnect A319. There, it works normally while I was flying on A320. Yours, Damien
  8. Very nice effect of defrosting by GSX. When same in AES?
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