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  1. Dear All, The behavior has not repeated since I updated to It has not happened again in other STARs with same way-point restriction logic. (Between two altitudes) Consider this item closed. Thank you all for the help. Kind regards, Fernando Plazola
  2. VNAV not engaged. Descending using SPEED reference mode.
  3. Dear All, I was descending via the QUBEN 1 RNAV STAR into KTPA and the ALT would capture on every waypoint with a double altitude restriction (i.e QUBEN 250/12000B9000A) even with the altitude selector set at a much lower altitude than the waypoint restriction, the autopilot captures altitude at 12000' and stays engaged, does not allow selection of another vertical mode, V/S or SPD. I don't think this is normal autopilot behavior. Thank you and kind regards, Fernando Plazola
  4. Hello again, Still, it should be displayed in PRI mode, that's how the system is designed. Thank You Fernando Plazola
  5. I remember in the previous version of the CRJ 700/900 product the G/S deviation scale and pointer were visible in PRI mode. On the CRJ professional I can only see it in FD mode, but missing in PRI mode.
  6. Dear All, Could you please provide me the navigraph database path for in order to update the navData base in the CRJ professional p3D v5. Thanks
  7. Dear All, I noticed I am not able to see the Glide Slope deviation scale and pointer in the Heads Up Guidance display in the CRJ professional aircraft. Maybe it's something with my P3Dv5 setup or it was not meant to be displayed? Thanks
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