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  1. I found a solution on x-mouse forums! You set "Disable Sroll window under cursor" in X-mouse. Thanks it is not AS or Chaseplane issue. (However worked without this option in p3d v4).
  2. Chaseplane says ask aerosoft, aerosoft says ask chaseplane. Looks like I need to investigate further myself.
  3. For some reason I have to hold down the SHIFT key to adjust heading or altitude knob before scrolling.
  4. P3D V5 with the latest A330 installer. I also use chaseplane. But I cannot fix it by uninstalling chaseplane.
  5. Hi, In the AP panel I am unable to change altitude or heading. Any rotating knob does not work. If I open a new view (small window) I can change things like normal. Here is a video. Prepar3D 2020.06.23 -
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