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  1. Hello , I just bought and installed Grenchen into my Msfs2020 and i got the following error in my ASUpdater Please see attachment Thank you Mike Georgiou
  2. Yes it is !! Thank you very much
  3. Hello , I have bought DSky - Grenadines Islands Vol. 2 and when i run Aerosoft's Updater i get the following error : DSKy - Grenadines - airport - tvsb- bequia : The server version file could not be loaded ! http://update.aerosoft.com.dedi2593,your-server. de/asupdater/dsky_airport-tvsb-bequia_msfs_msfs/asupdater.xml .............. etc !! Any idea what is wrong with Tvbs ? Thank you Mike
  4. Today i installed the new version of Friedrichshafen V1.0.0.1 . Unfortunately it did not fix the Issue and i continue to get CTD !! Any idea when the developer will fix it ? Thank you Mike
  5. Ok , thanks So i understand i have to wait for an Update from the Developer ?
  6. Hello Car147 and thanks for your reply ! Today i removed everything from my msfs community folder and i let only EDNY (friedrichshafen airport) . I tried to load a flght and i got an Immediate CTD ! I Uninstall the scenery and reinstalled it ! I tried again ( Again there is only edny in my msfs2020 community folder ) , and Again i got CTD ! No idea what is going on !! Mike
  7. Hello and thanks for your reply ! Yes there is : modelLib.BGL Inside my Scenery folder , Objects folder !!
  8. Hello Today i bought and Installed Friedrichshafen EDNY . Whenever i try to load a flight i get an immediate CTD ! I do Not own Bredok3d KSLC !! I do have some freeware and lots of Payware Scenery ! Any idea what might be the issue ? Thank you , Mike
  9. Hello , Any idea when the Update (Version will be available at Microsoft's Marketplace ? Thank you , Mike
  10. Thank you Manwlo ! Looking forward for more previous and for it's release !! Mike
  11. Just an Update ! I removed all Italian Freeware addons from msfs2020 Community folder ! Everything is back to Normal Now ! One of them ( Not sure which one at the moment ) was in direct conflict with the Scenery !! Mike
  12. Hello , All of a sudden my Control Tower and some airport buildings are missing ! https://i.imgur.com/az3SGVE.jpg[/img] I have Installed many other addons ! Is there any possibility that one of them is in conflict with LICR ? Thank you Mike
  13. Hello , Any idea when the New version (Update) will be available via Microsoft's Marketplace ? ( At the moment i keep on getting CTD's ) ! Thank you , Mike
  14. Lets hope that msfs developers can find a solution soon to avoid future conflicts ! To be honest , i will not buy any more sceneries from marketplace , at least for now !!
  15. Good to Know , thank you Oliver ! I have purchased 2 more sceneries from Marketplace from other developers ( S20 and PAWG ) and i get an immediate CTD as well ! I guess both of them needs an Update ! Regards Mike
  16. Hello , I have purchased sim-wings La Gomera from Microsoft's Marketplace ! It used to work fine in the past without any issues ! All of a sudden i get CTD's . Any help will be appreciated . Thank you , Mike Georgiou
  17. Hello , just an Update ! I found and solved the issue ! I removed the content xml , so msfs can rebuild a new one on start up ! That solved the problem ! For some reason my KEYW is now corrupted !!! Mike
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