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  1. Interesting. Had to look up my mobo specs and saw that I had them plugged into USB 3.2, moved it to the USB 2 slot, recalibrated and it appears to be better now... Wonder if there was a firmware or Windows update recently that caused an issue since they have been plugged UBS 3.2 this whole time.
  2. Appreciate the comments all - unfortunately the issue shows itself in Windows calibration, and does not change with the USB ports (even used a different USB cord to rule that out). Manual calibration fixes the issue for about 2 minutes, and then begins having issues again. Submitted a ticket for help, hopefully the response time isn't too long.
  3. Was doing a flight earlier today, took off with no issues. As I came in to land and turned off the AP - the airplane turned sharp to the left without input. On further investigating, the yoke is now outputting 10% left aileron axis when it is centered and not being touched. I've attempted: Restarting computer, restarting MSFS, unplugging yoke, unplugging everything, uninstalling all Honeycomb software and reinstalling, checking for windows updates, calibrating through the Windows 10 control panel, doing the manual calibration listed in the manual, calibrating in P3D, FSUIPC6, FSU
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