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  1. First of all: thanks for answering my question. Okay - I understood that there are different lights in the 320 and 330. But I Thought, the screenshots showing the A320 were also showing different panel flood lights ("Spots") than mine. Now I'll try to live with them
  2. Hi Folks, i read a lot of threads now, especially concerning panel lights. But I just found the problem with missing panel lighting in the 320Family. However, I despair of the following problem: My A320 Main Panel Flood light is absolutely different from the other pictures / videos I see, and also from the Main Panel Flood Light in my 330. In the A320 it's just a small round spot - however it is a nice light, nearly real. I've the on the 320-series, and on 330. Prepar3D v5.1 Hotfix 1 ( TrueGlass and RealL
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