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  1. this is the solution from saitek . set the null zone of the rudder t0 50%. https://logitechsupport.force.com/saitek/s/article/Flight-Rudder-Pedals-install-with-FSX-setup
  2. Hallo Vincent. Ik ben nog een behoorlijk onervaren flightsimmer want ik vlieg te weinig en ik studeer te weinig. Kun je mij iets leren?

  3. trvdmeulen


    I have seen it in my HUD it is solved with the HUD switches panel
  4. thank you, you're right about that, it can be everything but I still don't know where the problem is. When I've solved it I'll post it on the forum. thanks for reply
  5. Need help, problem not solved. Had to disconnect all usb cabels and re-connect in different usb-ports, think there is a problem with usb 2.0 Installed all hardware seperately to avoid conflicts. Running xp pro server 2003 x64. Uninstalled Advanced Systemcare. Used original driver cd's. Fsx: tried different settings, airplanes, disabled keboard shortcuts for the brakes, tried null zone diff. settings. etc. I spend a lot of hours trying to solve this problem and I'm really not doing all this again. I've assigned the brakes now to the HOTAS sidestick. Still using the rudder to rotate. Anyone else??
  6. had to reinstall FSX Now I have the same problem as this other guy trying to solve it maybe the software for the XP 64 bit is the problem
  7. try this link: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/files/category/1-f-16-falcon-repaints/page__sort_order__DESC__sort_key__file_submitted__num__10 yours, T R vd Meulen
  8. check this link and participate please: http://www.captainsim.org/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1317590414/0#4
  9. I think this is the best place, cause here the people now the most of all the technical stuff related to the aerosoft F-16, I have already asked this at captain sim, but considering your statement I will post it again on captainsim, Thanks
  10. I know I am really stupid not to discover this before. there is just one step needed. After having all the aerosoft updates just: extract d3d9.dll enbpalette.bmp enbseries.ini thumbs.db to FSX main folder. now with shift-F12 is should work.
  11. If i were you, I would make a partition or second drive with win XP, that works the best for FSX and add-ons
  12. try the brakes and rudder first on another default plane in FSX. Then it should work for the F-16 too
  13. damm it !!! again a lot to read , thank you
  14. I have Captainsim Weapon for fsx. The vulcan cannon keeps firing you can't stop this, the rest works properly. Is there someone who can make this work wit the aerosoft F-16 HUD, radar ex. target lock??
  15. trvdmeulen


    as far as I know there are now keys to use for the MFD's. It must be done with the mouse.
  16. Thank you. So I will use the pedals and stick to turn.
  17. I know the meaning of the word employ now!!! :goodjob_s:
  18. from wiki: "The pilot flies the aircraft primarily by means of a side-stick controller mounted on the right-hand armrest (instead of the more common center-mounted stick) and an engine throttle on the left side; conventional rudder pedals are also employed. To enhance the pilot's degree of control of the aircraft during high-g combat maneuvers, a number of function switches formerly scattered about the cockpit have been moved to "hands on throttle-and-stick (HOTAS)" controls found on both of these controllers. Simple hand pressure on the side-stick controller causes the transmission of electrical signals via the FBW system to adjust the various flight control surfaces used for maneuvering. Originally, the side-stick controller was non-moving, but this arrangement proved uncomfortable and difficult for pilots to adjust to, sometimes resulting in a tendency to "over-rotate" the aircraft during takeoffs, so the control stick was given a small amount of "play". Since its introduction on the F-16, HOTAS controls have become a standard feature among modern fighters.[" Having read this I think that the sidestick does also the rudder in real life. Think I reassign the rudder to my X65. The rudder pedals are probably for extra safety, I will use them for easy flights, for more difficult flights I use the rudder of the stick. I'll read the full article later.
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