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  1. Hi, Found the solution : I redownloaded the soft and reinstalled it. Everything is working fine. Thank's Yves
  2. Hi, I'm only trying to load bravo files downoaded from this site. Yves
  3. Hi, I have installed v2.1. I'm trying to import downloaded profile files from the DL aera. I could import CS 767. But, I cannot import A330, B787, 747 and T7 profiles. I get an error "the selected file is invalid". Any solution? Thank's Yves
  4. Hi, Just found something : the fonts are istalled in a FOTS subdirectiry of the fonts directory. That's perhaps the origine of the problem! Regards from ELLX Yves
  5. Thank's for your answers. I sought it was only reserved pour take off.
  6. Hi, When I fly from EDDF (V2.01) I get traffic landing on this runway. It should be close for landing. I had a look at the AFCAD., and it is in fact opened for Take off and landing, both sides. Could you please correct the problem. Thank's a lot Yves
  7. Thank's but it's difficult to follow all the topics open!
  8. Hi, We are now later then "early next week". Any news? What did you decide? Thank's Yves
  9. After testing all the folders of GES, the problem seemes to be in "FTX_EU_GES_06_CVX" folder. When this folder is inactivated, EDDF loads well... Let's wait for ORBX answer.
  10. Thing's are going more precise : I desactivated both Germany North and South : loading without problem. Then I reactivate Germany North : no problem. The culpryt seems to be Germany South, but how to find which file? At least, now we now where to search. I'll post a topic at ORBX forum.
  11. The problem is only while loading the scenery. Once loaded, no problem to fly. I think there is something which locks the loading of the scenery. I'll try perhaps with ORBX desactivated.
  12. My test : It goes slowly up to 66%, then I have like a flash, then about 4 minutes later a message "your computer run out of memory", not VRAM, but memory. Does not seem to be the solution.
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