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  1. Brilliant thanks Josh, it has been a real Pain trying to fathom this out i will give it a go cheers mate.
  2. Ok i have checed through the training flight which gives me this route, which is fine i can do this LOWI – INN UM726 BZO UM984 EVANO UM185 BORDI – LFMN, but when i say want to fly from say Barcelona to Heathrow, it want me to enter this. LEBL sid Mopas UN863 GIROM UQ266 ANG UN861 DIKRO UN863 AVANT UL980 MID UM185 OCT Star EGLL ........ Ok this is where i get Stuck, i can enter all the points up to UL980 MID, but i cant find where i have to enter UM185 OCT as i have Ran out of Space on the Left side, obviously there is something i have to do, in order to be able to enter this, but the Step by S
  3. Hi I am new to the flight sim, and have recently bought the Aerosoft Airbus 318/319, When i try to enter the flight details in the MCU i start to enter the Weypoint, but get to a stage where i need to enter another one, but cant enter it on the left hand side, how do i enter the next weypoint when the space down the right side has ran out? I Would be very grateful if someone can help me out. Cheers.
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