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  1. Please see attached images. Taxiway signs are transparent and they appear to be sinking. It's EGLL ver 2 in P3D v5
  2. So I've checked the scenery library page and the add ons page and Sim-wings London Heathrow is already above all Orbx products...
  3. It's v2 of EGLL in P3D v5. Many thanks
  4. When I taxi on to stand at EGLL my aircraft sinks and crashes. See attached screen shot. Please help!
  5. Fantastic! This worked a charm, thank you so much! Ben
  6. Thanks, sorry I can't find the other thread...could you point me in the direction? Many thanks
  7. Hi, I installed the SODE jetways file as provided by Aerosoft for their Mega LHR scenery. However, now I'm seeing double jetways at gates, overlapping each other. It's almost as if the original jetways are there along with the SODE jetways. Please see attached screenshot. Thanks for you help. Ben
  8. Is BALI X FSX P3D compatible with P3D v5?
  9. How can I make the jetways behave more realistically and use L2 instead of L1?
  10. Just spotted the attached at Heathrow...appears to be two taxiway lines...is this a bug? Using P3D v5
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