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  1. Thanks for your detailed reply. I am aware of that, I wasn't referring to approach as a STAR, but rather in direct sense, as the final stage of the flight Ah, I see, thanks. Splendid! I'm completely new to anything larger than a 172, so I'd like the FD to guide me as far as possible for now How can I find this "combination" on my own without trying each out on the FMC?
  2. Greetings! I've been trying to use PFPX to generate me a route from UUEE to UHMM for a while, but there seems to be something wrong with the arrival procedure. The thing is the approach is not being calculated correctly for whatever reason (777's FMC agrees with me on this point and throws me a route discontinuity, unlike the SID which is normally calculated). It is worth noting that RW28 is being calculated correctly however it is not used at UHMM as far as I know. Is it an issue with the nav cycle? The route is RLP3H RILPO T636 KTL N742 UHT R822 SH B927 TERKI TERK5F. Thanks in advance.
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