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  1. I realy dont want to pressure someone, but at least something. As I said its a commen Probleme
  2. This problem appears to be fairly common. I start in one of the Airbus (A318, A319, A320, A321) and it works until I go out of the game or go to another airport. Then the left MCDU shows me only the Engin side and there is only "Unkwon Engin". I use FSX steam edition and I have Windows 10. I installed everything on an SSD. I tried some things that other users did successfully: -I have followed any instructions for installation. -I have reinstalled and uninstalled everything (FSX, the Airbus) a few times. (Also any files that were left in the folders) -I uninstalled all mods and scenerys. -I have always carried out the installations as an administrator and have also run FSX as an administrator. -My anti-virus program (Avast Free version) was deactivated in all installations. Are there any other ways I can potentially fix this problem? If there is no way I would want to return the planes. Who do I need to contact? I hope I can fix my problem. Thanks for the help. (I hope my english is not too bad)
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