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  1. Hi! great idea and a beautiful website! Thanks! i filled in the application form. Hope you accept me as a pilot. ruud
  2. Thanks Craig, registered a minute ago. ruud
  3. Ole, i set and used the {Ctrl} as MIC tab already, still no contact. Will study ruud
  4. saw your notes on teamspeak, will find out how i can write you on teamspeak
  5. Thanks Robert, I am in teamspeak and see your green light ( and James'') Apparently you can't hear me. Any way thanks , i will study the help files and once more check my settings for mike/and sound. ruud
  6. congrats! Robert, please help me out with connecting to teamspeak. (see VEA forum) Thanks, ruud
  7. I applied too. What has gamespy to do with this? ruud
  8. I'll try. andras-doable.WMV
  9. Quote from some movie i saw recently: Q "Is it possible?" A "It's impossible, but it's doable" ruud Is it possible to upload a movie here, to prove this?
  10. As realistic as it gets! I once killed one with the eurofox trainer when landing. But now my new office got those little visitors too. Please come and help me out ! ruud
  11. Hi all, well done Ole, thanks for the future clubhouse. For the occasion i would like to donate my old Cessna 172SP to the club. For the youngsters to have fun with when training or multiplaying. And nobody has to do the washing because the layer of dust is simply too thick Download: works best when you copy the link into the browser's address field. http://www.fscene.co...r-fun-172sp.zip Unzip and copy the complete folder "cessna-vfr-fun-172sp" into: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes (The Cessna has no night lights ) Hope it works well in your FSX as well as in mine. When not, please let me know by PM. btw. i also like my beer on Friday. Cheers! ruud
  12. Hi again, i found a pdf explaining it all, maybe it's helpful for "beginners" like me: http://www.mutleyshangar.com/downloads/How%20to%20fly%20Multiplayer%20in%20FSX.pdf ruud
  13. Thank you so much !! I found it and registered. Keep it simple, keep it do-able for all ruud
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