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  1. We use the reaction system in our forum for both the like and thank reactions, so it is technically correct as Frank said, but we should be able to change it to "X liked a post in a topic {topic name}" or "X thanked a post in topic {top name}". Would this work better? I definitely agree here, and it's actually one of the main priorities of this update/refresh. We'll be restructuring the forum so it's a lot easier to both find the place you need to post as well as find the place where you'd like to read posts. More on this soon. I also agree with this, I believe it would also be beneficial for us to give users that open a thread permission to mark their own thread as solved/locked it if it is in a support category. I believe this is more something to do with the forum software we use rather than something we can change, but I'll look into it just in case.
  2. Could you give this a try? It looks like your packs.ini is a bit out of order, I've moved KDFW to fix this issue, but I'd definitely suggest making sure your scenery_packs.ini is in the correct format just to ensure no issues like this popup at other airpots. You can find an example of the general ordering system here: https://helpdesk.aerosoft.com/portal/kb/articles/custom-scenery-folder scenery_packs.ini
  3. Hi Dennis, It looks like this is likely caused by something within your scenery_packs.ini file. Could you attach this file so we can check it for you?
  4. Hello, Yes, the A318, A319, A320 and A321 have been updated to include support for V5.
  5. Hello, Are you looking for the location to store flight plans you've downloaded from a flight planner such as Simbrief? If so, flight plans for the FlightFactor a320 are stored in "X-Plane 11\Aircraft\FlightFactor A320 Ultimate\data" inside the "corte.in" file.
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