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  1. Does anyone have something else to propose ? I keep trying to solve the issue but it remains impossible to engage the AP. And this only happens with the Airbus X, all other aircraft work fine. I love this plane and it is irritating not to be able to fly it. Any intuition will be accepted with pleasure. Please people, help ....
  2. Just tried your latest method: still the same problem. No change of behaviour from joystick (sidewinder force feedback 2 + fs force) to keyboard... Nevermind, I'll fly my 737 insted for tonight ! Thank you very much for your advises anyway.
  3. Thanks for your latest help. I uninstalled the Airbus and followed step by step instructions for re-installation. During my first test flight (A321 cfm) I managed to engage the AP about 12 minutes into the flight after several tries. When disconnected, no way to engage it again. I made a few more test flights since then with all Airbus variants (including A321 cfm) and no AP engage again. Always the same alarm and immediate disconnect. Auto throttle works fine though as it always did. Also, a new bug has appeared, the F12 key for the overhead panel view doesn't work although installed version of the Airbus is 1.22. This is a desperate cry from a hopeless simmer
  4. Thanks for your advice. I tried loading various aircraft states from the mcdu but it didn't change anything, the AP is still unusable. As for the files I have downloaded for the Airbus, it's only texture files and the AES cfg file. I insist on the fact that the aircraft worked perfectly some time ago with the same files, and the problem appeared with no logical explanation. What kind of information would you like to have in order to help ? And once again thank you for taking time to look at the issue.
  5. Hello, I am experiencing exactly the same issue. It appeared progressively though, the AP kept engaging later and later in the flight till it gave up engaging at any stage and under any configuration. The Airbus X is simply unflyable in a roper manner without the AP. I spent days and nights trying to find a reason and going through every concerned forum but I found no satisfactory explanation. I tested all related software (ie FSUIPC) knowing that I had made no changes to them before the problem showed up. Anyway, it didn't lead to any solution either. Being disappointed and frustrated for not being able to fly one of my favourite birds (while Holgi continues his excellent livery releases...) and angry for not finding the reason and wasting my time, I took the extreme decision to uninstall my FSX and reinstall all the stuff from scrap. It took time, it gave me hope, but at the end nothing changed ! I still have the same problem with the Airbus X ! IT IS SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE TO ENGAGE THE AUTO PILOT while all settings are correct. I always get the same alarm sound and indication and the AP immediately disengages. What I don't understand is that I flew the Airbus successfuly for a year or so before this issue arose. Furthermore, I can state that all other aircraft installed work fine, including the ifly 737. It has now become my only option for a proper flight .... I really hope someone can help as this is an extremely embarassing situation. Looking forward to your help, Happy flights to everyone
  6. Thanks so much Holgi, this was a much awaited one ! Yet another beautiful variation thanks to your talent. Antalya here I come aboard the new bird ....
  7. Help dear repainters ! This is indeed a very needed, much awaited livery, just chose any variant ! Can't go on flying from / to the beautiful Aerosoft Antalya airport with an old PIC737 .... Pleeeaaase ....
  8. Hi all, Is there anybody interested in repainting an Air France A321 in the new colors ? This repaint already exists but it isn't up to the level of this forum's high quality textures. The tail is too different to the real one and anyways, I'm sure a new texture would make many people happy. So, anyone out there wishing to do it ? Many thanks in advance guys.
  9. Hello, Some of you might also have noticed that the LAN repaint included in the base package wears a wrong registration. Although the repaint is of very good quality, it's a pity to fly it with a registration that in real life belongs to an A340. So, could any repainter help by updating this texture with a real LAN A320 CC- registration (choice is free as long it's an active aircraft). Also, given the very similar liveries, how about making a LAN Argentina variant ? Many thanks in advance to whoever choses to work on those textures. The repaints worked here by Holgi and the others are really unique contribution to the pleasure of flying the Airbus X around the world and I'll never have enough words to thank you guys ! Keep the great work at its best.
  10. Since Alitalia are re-registering their A321 fleet from the I-XXXX register to the EI-XXX, is it possible to have a small update of the existing repaints ? Holgi, could you please make a very small update to yours and change it from I-BIXD to EI-IXD ? Many many thanks in advance and once again thank you for your generous and admirable work.
  11. Great !!!! Superb repaint once again ! Thank you Holgi for your continuous work and your high productivity, you're just incredible ! How's your future site doing ? Where can we get the repaints from in the meantime ? Any download link available ? Please don't let us frustrated with a beautiful screenshot ! Best regards and Happy New Year !
  12. Holgi you're unbelievable ! Your work is amazing and flying with your repaints is great pleasure. Just one question though: given that the download section of this forum seems to be out of service for some time now, how can your new repaints be downloaded ? I'm also interested in your Spanair job. Is there a way for you to put a direct download link ? Also, if you ever get short of inspiration for future repaints, here are two I'm really looking forward to: - Royal Air Maroc (new colors) A321 RAM 321 - Sky Airlines (Turkey) A320 / A321 any variation Sky Airlines just in case you're looking for new requests... Anyway, thank you once again for your great job and keep it on !
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