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  1. Thanks Michael. Isn't FSUIPC supposed to save that data with AUTOSAVE enabled?
  2. Hi fellow DC8 drivers, I've had my computer/sim freeze or crash a couple of times. Fortunately, with FSUIPC, I've been able to recover the flight at some point. When loading the last FSUIPC saved position, the aircraft, and all parameters and settings load splendidly well, and right where they were; however, the INS is turned OFF. Of course it is impossible to enter current position while the aircraft is flying; but, wanted to ask if there is any workaround or "trick" to be able to recuperate the INS when loading a flight saved by FSUIPC after a sim/PC crash. FYI, I am using a VOR-VOR flight plan for the DME updates, and a HIGH AIRWAY flight plan for the route, using the INS tool provided with the airplane. Thanks in advance.
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