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  1. very nice, can't wait for my home airport, i was about to by the justsim version, those screenshot has changed my mind...
  2. Jesus me too, but i think it's still gonna take much time, personnal feeling...
  3. Hi all, Would it be a good idea to create a poll to ask users which model they would love to see first? Just an idea...
  4. Hi All, Quick question, sorry if it has been asked before. I was wandering if Navigraph charts would implemented in the EFB? Thank you! can't wait to fly that bird
  5. Thanks for the update! Are we talking about days, weeks or months before release? just to adapt my schedule I've heard that the next MSFS update will concern France and Benelux, maybe EBBR will be done by Asobo. Thanks for your work
  6. HI I have been waiting for that particular airport since 2013, is there any news?
  7. Hello, I double checked and everything running fine now. I push the RCL prior starting the CL and make the cockpit preparation CL in view mode, everthing is running smoothly.. Many thanks for your help!
  8. thank for yout input, I will give it a try but I always performe the cockpit preparation CL when everything is set up, FMC preflight completed and IRS fully aligned.. I'll report back
  9. I deleted the RAAS system, thinking that would have been related, but it's not working still...
  10. Exactly that yes, call for the test, test performed and checked, then nothing more for the end of the flight
  11. Hello, thank you for your reply, I am not using FS2rcrew.. Is there a possible solution?
  12. Hello, I use the P3DV5 330, i use the the voice checklist but there is nothing after the APU fire test, the test is executed correctly then nothing happen afterward for the rest of the flight.. Any ideas? (it does not change anything if the copilot do the action or if I do the action..) Thank's for your input
  13. Problem solved by removing .CFG and restart Thank you very much!!
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