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  1. Ok that's interesting because I bought and downloaded the game directly from Aerosoft. But I will try to find the folder.
  2. Thanks for the fast answer. I try it 5 times but there it showes me i cannot install i must browse an Path before.
  3. Hello everybody. Can someone help me with my problem. I use the FSX from Steam. I have now bought the Bonanza A36 from Aerosoft. According to the instructions, the path of the installation will be found automatically. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Can someone tell me the path. thanks in advance
  4. Hello everybody. I recently bought FSX from Steam. As an addon I bought the A320 A318 etc. Professional Addon + RAAS. When I started the FMS, I noticed that I had a very old database because I couldn't see the SID at the airports that I needed. Then I bought the Navdata Pro to update this. I then selected and updated Airbus X and Airbus XExtended in the update program. Now I find the cycle_ files in different folders, but in the Sim the FSM is still the old database. Can somebody help me? Thanks forward
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