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  1. Hi Thorsten Yeah it does sound like an MS "feature" to me. Even one of the MS planes, the Extra 300S does the same thing, I cannot use autorudder on the ground to control it as well. It was important to me to make sure it was not my system and something I could fix. So it will remain a mystery and for now I will heed the advice of others and yourself to use the keyboard for ground control. It is not a big deal. It's not like I am spending hours driving around an airport, LOL. Thanks for you time. Eric P.S. I do really enjoy this airplane and the "assisted flights" too.
  2. Thank you Paul for the confirmation on the animation of the rudder. That helps me a lot. I do have a twisting joy stick actually but I don't like it, so yes longer term solution will be pedals. Eric.
  3. Thanks for your input SW. When you said "... AR banking on the ground also turned the rudder" did you mean that you visually saw the rudder deflect or simply that the airplane turned. I ask because I am now trying to determine if MS FSX actually shows the rudder deflect when using only the autorudder feature and not using any twisting stick or rudder pedal controls. You see if the autorudder on your system actually visually shows the rudder deflecting then I have a problem with my autorudder and not with this aircraft because I cannot see the autorudder visually deflect the rudder on any of my aircraft. Knowing what FSX is supposed to do would be helpful in this situation. Thanks Eric.
  4. I followed your suggestion above. As a test I loaded the piper cub. I made sure that the autorudder was turned on. I then viewed the tail of the plane as I turned my flight yoke. The ailerons moved but the rudder did not visually deflect. However the aircraft did turn and I was able to control the direction of the aircraft on the ground with the autorudder even though visually the rudder was not deflected. Have you actually tested this yourself to see if FSX actually shows the movement of the rudder on aircraft using autorudder? I don't know if what I am seeing is normal for fsx or not. If it is not then clearly I have some kind of problem on 2 machines, using 2 seperate joysticks. I then performed the same test with the BushHawk. Again the rudder did not visually move but the aircraft did not turn and was not under directional control on the ground with the autorudder. I understand that with taildraggers the steering for the aircraft on the ground is not actually done by the tailwheel but by either differential breaking or "the thrust force on the deflected rudder". If you had said that the BushHawk does not react to autorudder control on the ground and that was how it was designed, then fine I would have accpeted that as a design choice. However you have said 3 times that the BushHawk should react to autorudder control on the ground for taxiing but I cannot get it to work for me. And I can't get it to work on 2 seperate machines, one of which has a clean install of FSX and the BushHawk. So I am trying to figure out why it does not work on my two machines when you have said that it should work. I am willing to accpet I am doing something wrong but I honestly cannot see what it can possibly be. Thanks Eric
  5. Jim, Thanks for the suggestion, I will give that a try and see how I like it. It sounds promising. Eric
  6. You ask why. Well, if you read the replies from Thorsten Reichert, who I assume to be the developer, he has clearly stated 3 times in this thread that it should work. By 'it' I am talking about autorudder control on the ground with the BushHawk. Now if the developer would say, no that does not work, then that would be fine with me. But he has stated clearly that it should work. Since it should work and since it is how I prefer it to work why would I not try to get it to work?
  7. Well I am giving up on this problem, I simply don't believe it works and here is why. I installed FSX deluxe to another computer, then installed sp1, ran fsx, then I installed sp2 and ran fsx, then I installed the BushHawk as the only addon to this fresh install of fsx. I then tested it with no joystick having been hooked up yet at this point, using the mouse yoke and autorudders I still had no directional control on the ground. I then hooked up a simple logitech joystick, not my saitek flight yoke, and I had the same problem, and yes I have tried without and with the latest service pack for the bushhawk. And I did make sure to load the cessna c172 first and I did try toggling the tailwheel lock. The OS was XP mce 32bit So on two seperate computers with different joysticks and one system having a completely clean version of fsx deluxe installed it did not work. I have followed the instructions very closely. The only way I have directional control of the BushHawk on the ground is to use the keyboard for rudder control or use the keyboard for differential braking, both of which I find awkward but I will live with it. Thanks for you help. Eric P.S. If you think this is user error I would be happy to consider what you think I could be doing wrong.
  8. Hi and thanks for your reply. Just to clarify my issue, I have a Saitek flight yoke and throttle quadrant. I do not have rudder peddles. When on the ground I cannot control the steering with the flight yoke with autorudder turned on. I can control the steering of the DC3 on the ground with the flight yoke and autorudder turned on. I have tried all of Snave's suggestions and still it does not work. Yes I can use the keyboard to control the steering, but I find it awkward. I would certainly prefer controlling the plane on the ground using the yoke with the autorudder turned on. I did follow your suggestion of the large boost of throttle but that did not help either. Months ago another user had the same problem and they were also using the saitek flight yoke. Is there any possiblility of that being the issue with the BushHawk and not the DC3? Thanks Eric
  9. Hi, Thanks again for your reply. Yes I have tried all those items actually, on my system it is Shift+G for the tailwheel lock. I went so far as to reset all the controls to default settings, I reset my default startup flight to the MS original one, I have loaded the the Cessna first, in fact my own default flight was set that way. One interesting thing I have found is the tailwheel lock seems to have no effect on the piper cub at all. I did take a look at the controls\standard.xml file and there is only the 1 entry in it for the tailweeel lock. I am starting to wonder if this has something to do with having a Saitek flight yoke and throttle quadrant because the other person that had the same setup had the same problem months ago. One thing I have not looked into is any fsuipc issue, but I don't have a registered version so I thought it would be a non issue. I will keep trying to figure this out. Eric
  10. Thanks for the reply Snave. I did try that and yes it does work. The tight turn radius is quite nice. If I had rudder pedals with toe breaks the whole thing would be a non issue for me. However I find using the keyboard for differential braking as awkward as using the keyboard for rudder control. And while it certainly does answer my question, my question did not get to the heart of the matter which is why does the autorudder not work on the ground with those 2 versions of the BushHawk and is there any way I can get it to work. It might be interesting to note that Microsoft's Extra 300 s acts the same way as those BushHawks yet the Cub, the Maule and the DC 3 do not. Thanks Eric
  11. Hi all, There was another tread about this from a while back but it did not really answer the question I have. First off I do not have rudder pedals so please keep that in mind. With the BushHawk with the tail dragger wheel version or the ski version the auto rudder does not work on the ground so I find it impossible to steer using my flight yoke with the auto rudder enabled. With the float version the auto rudder does work for me so steering is fine both on the ground and in the water. If I reassign my joystick axis so instead of controller the ailerons I am controller the rudder I can steer both the taill dragger wheel version and the ski version no problem on the ground. Also if I leave my flight yoke controlling the ailerons and user the keyboard to control the rudders I can also steer with no problem on the ground and in the water. So I know the BushHawk does respond to rudder movements on the ground. So my question....is it possible to control the steering of the BushHawk on the ground using a flight yoke and auto rudder and not having to use the keyboard rudder controls or rudder pedals. Thanks Eric
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