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  1. As a tester I did not hear anything about the CR9 progress yet, so "soon" is a bit too optimistic.
  2. Yeah, these videos were more about the tutorial flight and how to fly from A to B. A proper RNAV app, holding and go around will probably have to wait until the CR9 is ready and I have some time available again.
  3. It will sort of work but it is dependant one which resolution and aspect ratio you use. Best to make custim views oneself.
  4. I have to look at my settings because my mouse pointer is not loosing the focus/contact with the knob. I can lean forward to have a closer look at the PFD and it still works. Maybe it is an Oculus thing.
  5. Just my 2 cents here, I fly the CRJ with a G2 and I have no problems with what is described here. If I put my mouse on the altitude knob on the FCP and look at my left winglet I can still change the altitude value in the PFD by rotating the mouse wheel. What do you mean by focussed? Clicking the right mouse button to zoom in? If yes than it is an MSFS problem.
  6. The brake temperature indication is in units and not in C or F temperature. Therefor there is not relation between SAT and brake temperature indication on the CRJ. 00-06 units means the brake temperature is below 221C for example.
  7. It was a running joke in my company. We were one of the first to receive the CR7 and the documentation was iffy at the time. The people at Bombardier just told us in the sim to never ever touch it when we asked what "that" button does. In the end it is not part of any checklist or procedure during normal and abnormal ops. We only used it during technical acceptance flights, if at all.
  8. Check out episode 6, you switch them on after you started the engines.
  9. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  10. NAVAID RADIAL / DISTANCE. Let's take VOR PAM and we want radial 180 with a distance of 25. -------> PAM180/25 If you want to give the fix a name you just enter something like this: PAM180/25/DUDE
  11. Ok, you are at EDDM. Which frequencies did you tune?
  12. What set up did you try to recieve and where were you at when trying so?
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