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  1. I never even heard an explanation from Airbus why we have the message at all..... It is just “there”. It should be based on what the sensors measure in the tanks according the books.
  2. I have seen it on RW aircraft as early as with still 3.4t remaining. So what is your point? 😉
  3. Frank Docter


    Sind deine IRS‘s schon alligned? In dein Bild ebenfalls noch nicht....
  4. Here a video where it works for me. Maybe your mouse is a bit too sensitive as you can see that with me the values sometimes skip to the next number if I am a bit fast with my mousewheel....
  5. Just my 2 cents here. I have changed my forum name to my real one some two years ago. I can not say that it was an happy experience sofar. The reason I did change it was because of all the arguments listed above. In an ideal world it would be ok but using your real name makes you also vulnerable to a lot of unwanted stuff. I have seen my name being dragged through the mud in Reddit and FB groups for example. I know that only a small group of people here go to these lenghts but they are present in these forums. Ofcourse as a deputy you get another level of exposure and it comes with the territory and it may not be valid for the standard user. I am contemplating using my old nick again and put my name in a signature banner. This will not eliminate the mentioned negatives but atleast they will not pop up as easily during an internet search of my name.
  6. Correct. The RW ACARS system, from which the wx printout data would come, does not need the VHF signal of the specific broadcast station but uses an whole network. Satcom is not a requirement for ACARS to work. Forget that 30nm range reference with regard to RW ops. You can get your arrival weather being at the other side of the world IRL so we flightcrews have ample time to prepare the approach.
  7. Commercial airliners do not have UHF and I have no problem receiving an ACARS KSFO ATIS when I am on the apron in EDDM or flying over Mongolia IRL. I am guessing you are mixing something up here.
  8. Hi, both the A318/319 and the A320/321 are already in their "final" state for a long time. Final state means release state here. Both products still have some (same for both products) bugs and fixing them is an ongoing process. You can expect the same experience with both products so if you already fly the A318/319 you will see the same features and bugs with the A320/321. Make sure you download the latest versions from your shop account!
  9. A/I stands for Anti ice. Switching this on for take off has an influence on your flex temp among others (which somehow is named ASSDT in the loadsheet). The COL is a typo and should be CDL. This stands for Configuration Deviation List. With certain, not modeled, failures you need different performance parameters and this line in the loadsheet just reminds the reader of it. It is part of the "immersion" and can be disregarded.
  10. I had this sometime ago. I think Bob gave a solution for this problem somewhere in the forum last week. If I find it I will link it here.
  11. Try the supplied tutorial flight from Frankfurt to London first if you are running into problems. This will help you alot if you are unfamiliar with the operation of an Airbus. Happy landings!
  12. No problem, happy landings! Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  13. Both packages are equally new and share the same code. The weather radar works with all weather add ons and also with the default weather of the sim. And yes you can use PFPX flightplans. Cheers
  14. Marco, it is very simple. Decimal points like 4.2 are not possible in real life and therefor not modeled. What you want to do is not possible in the real plane and therefor also not modeled in the sim. Only “full” distances like 4 or 12 are possible.
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