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  1. I have updated my V4 320 and 330 and both now connect Ok. The 320 was flyable in CFD, just a couple of minor issues with brakes having a few second delayed release and the throttles no always idling when taxiing but these were present before the update. There were 2 new issue on the 320 as well in that the transponder and radio frequency no longer seem to sync. The 330 however seems to have reverted with the brakes sticking on when not using peddles issue so while it connected to the session ok, we couldn't fly it in CFD at all :-( .
  2. Hi Is your CFD.cfg file, located in Documents/Aerosoft/ correct? It should look something like: 0 3 6900 10 Cheers Pete
  3. Hi Guys, I can see that the guidance is to sort out Pilot roles after connection but is there a way to force connection as PM please? The behaviour we have seen is that whatever you selected before joining a session, the joining pilot always becomes PF. We have also noted that it looks like the settings, including location, come from PF. The reason for asking is that although when starting a flight both planes are clearly in the same location, sometimes it would be useful to join a flight in progess. For example yesterday we had the PM sim crash during descent so PF completed the flight on their own , it would have been nice to be able to rejoin but we didn't as when the joining pilot becomes PF (as it seems to do each time) I assume the aircraft in flight would jump back to the location for the the new PF as this seems to be the behaviour observed when we ran a couple of tests on the ground using the same airport but different locations. Thanks Pete
  4. I have done some more testing and I think it might indeed be frames related. I need to test a bit more to be sure but lowering settings does seem to have helped
  5. I have done some more testing and I think it might indeed be frames related. I need to test a bit more to be sure but lowering settings does seem to have helped
  6. My 330 has been fine but since around the last update I am getting a trim bouncing issue. It only does it with the autopilot engaged and seems to be Ok in manual flight. I am not sure if it was the update or the re- install when applying the update or a time coincident that introduced it. I don't use FSUIPC for any key mapping and have deleted the trim keys that I had mapped on the joystick as well as the default keyboard mapping for them, so I have no trim inputs mapped at all (I removed them one by one and it made no difference). I have tried various settings for the trim on the Init page, including matching the fuel loader and I have also lowered the active sky wind setting as I read all of these could contribute on various other treads, so am now out of ideas. Worth noting that on the ground before take off the trim wheel is working fine but once in the air I can't adjust the wheel in the VC with the mouse, even if I disconnect the AP (which does stop the bouncing) . My 320 aircraft (also updated and reinstalled at same time) is not doing this which would suggest that I don’t have a dodgy controller input or anything like that. Any help or suggesting greatly appreciated. Attached shows the issue Thanks Pete VID_20200512_191022.mp4
  7. I am having a very similar issue that has only started recently.
  8. Just to add that I dont seem to be able to adjust the trim wheel in the VC with the mouse either so it defiantly seems like is a trim input is coming from somewhere but I'm damned if it can find it! I have even now deleted the default keyboard mapping as well so there are no elevator trim control mapped anywhere! It is also worth noting that my 320 aircraft is not doing this which would suggest that I dont have a dodgy controller or anything like that. Any help or suggesting greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. I know this tread is about a month old but just wondering if everyone manage to sort it out. My 330 had been fine but since the latest update I am getting a trim bouncing issue. It only does it with auto pilot engaged and doesn't seem to in manual flight. I am not sure if it was the update or the re- install when applying the update that introduced it. I don't use FSUIPC for any key mapping and have deleted the trim keys that I had mapped on the joystick. I have also set the trim setting up in the Init page so am out of ideas if anyone can suggest anything else? Many thanks Pete
  10. Hi. Have you tried just starting the APU individually before connecting? Not totally cold and dark I know but would mean most of the the set up could be done together.
  11. Looks like you are sorted now which is good news but it if helps others, here is my folder and cfd.cfg file contents
  12. Me and my friend had the same problem and what we noticed was that if the latest a320 was also installed on the machine then the cfd.cfg file was created by the 320 installer ok but as my friend doesn't own the 320 (only 330) he was not able to to fix it that way. In his case we manually created the file and put the contents of mine is in it and that got him working. We didn't get to the bottom of why it was missing though. In my case there are 4 lines in the cfd.cfg file as below: 0 3 6900 10
  13. File is called cfd.cfg in your root Aerosoft folder, in my case C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Aerosoft and it a standard txt file with 4 lines as per below 0 3 6900 10
  14. Hi Dave, We have installed the 330 update today and tested the brake issue and the parking brake issue is sorted but the toe brake one doesn't seem to be unfortunately. Before the update, pressing either toe or parking brake on a joystick or keyboard button (peddles and VC handle worked fine) caused the toe brake to jam on however post update the parking brake can be operated fine from the joystick button by either pilot however using the toe brakes by any other means than peddles causes them to lock on. I note that the release notes mention a CFD parking brake fix but I didn't see any mention of toe brakes in them. Happy to do any more testing if that would be of help. As a side note, the experience of flying CFD is fabulously immersive and really bring another level of realism so please keep up the great work! πŸ™‚ Cheers Pete
  15. Hi Dave, The update Update to the 330 came out today and it looks to have brought the 330 CFD up to the same level as the 320 and I can now connect with both which is good . However on both mine and my friends sim the install of the update did not put the CFD.cfg file into the Aerosoft directory as it did with the latest 320 installer so neither of us could initially connect. I manual renamed mine back and got it going but as my friend doesn't have the 320 he had to manually create the file (using the content from mine) before he could connect so I wonder if there is a bug in the 330 installer that it is missing the step to create that file fro people then dont already have the latest 319 or 320. .. Sticky brake up date coming in the other tread soon πŸ™‚
  16. Hi, me again! πŸ™‚ I downloaded and installed the update for the A320/321 today (following the recommended process of uninstalling the original version first) and unfortunately it stopped my A330 connecting to the CFD servers. Clicking connect had no effect and every few clicks it displayed "error" with the CFD_Log.txt file showing "CFD debug level: 1" entries rather the normal Start and Stop thread ones. After a while of uninstalling and reinstalling both planes, deleting Aerosoft folders etc. I eventually found the culprit. The new 320 seems to have added a file cfd.cfg to the C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Aerosoft folder and with this file present the 330 will not connect to the CFD servers. I renamed the file (which stopped the 320 connection working) and this fixed the 330, allowing it to connect. I assume there has been a CFD update to the 320 which hopefully is coming to the 330 in the next update as well as at the moment the 2 don't seem to be compatible on the same machine without renaming or moving the file to swap between them. Hopefully this post will save someone else the hour or so it took me to find the problem πŸ™‚ Cheers Pete
  17. Thanks Dave, Will wait for the update and report back then. Many thanks again for taking the time to help. Pete
  18. Many thanks for the further help Dave. I will run thought this later this evening but just to clarify that only one of us has rubber peddles, my friend only has keyboard and/or joystick. Is it a requirement for us both to have peddles? Noted about an update next week, if it is that soon then it is no problem to wait. Thanks Pete
  19. OK so we just did a bit more testing. Calibrating my rudder peddles made no difference. When using peddles as brakes then toe brakes work but operating the parking brake with a joystick button (rather than the handle in VC) causes the toe brakes to lock on, however we found that if the pilot with the peddles caused this lock then they can unlock them by pressing the toe brakes on the rudder peddles brakes fully on and off and then control comes back , all very weird. However if the pilot not using peddles uses the toe or parking brake via joystick or keyboard button, the brakes locked on and the other persons rudder peddled could not free them resulting in them needed to restart their sim. So for us, we have found no way that someone without peddles can be PF while taxiing on teh ground as brakes are needed, once in the air then things are fine. Very open to doing some more testing if anyone has any more ideas please ? Thanks Pete
  20. Hi Thanks for getting back to me. sorry I can't quite work out how to quote separate bits so answers in oneΒ¬ πŸ™‚ Parking brakes or Toe Brakes? It is the toe brakes that stick on but that effectively stops the parking brake working properly as once the toe brakes are stuck the VC parking brake lever wont turn on (understandable I guess as the toe brakes are meant to release it) but interesting sometimes it does seem to apply, even though the lever doesn't turn, as even full engine power will not overcome the brakes where as that will overcome the toe brakes being on. Unfortunately we were not able to work out exactly what combination of actions caused the PB to stick on I'm afraid . Also interestingly, operating the parking brake from either pilots controller button (not the VC) will also sticks the toe brakes on. When this is done, the aircraft has to be reloaded for a successful test. Did both of you guys do this? Yes, we both completely restarted P3D each time One of you? Or did both of you have to do this to get the brake to release? Once stuck we found no way to release them other than to restart both sims. Without rudders, the only way they would not jam was to un-assign all toe and parking brake joystick buttons and keyboard keys from both pilots and flight with out brakes (not ideal! πŸ™‚ ). One of us has some rudders and when these were connected (I had to dig them out of storage! ) the brakes all worked (providing we didn't assign and use a key/button to the parking brake as if we did that then the toe brakes stuck on as soon as the parking brake key was pressed even with the rudders connected). So peddles and parking brake from VC was not ideal but was a flyable position but it means only one of us can be PF when on the ground unless the other purchases some rudders. Did you guys try calibrating the Rudder Pedals? Both I and the three testers I work with have never had an issue when Toe Brakes when both parties had rudder pedals, so I'm almost certain one or both of you guys have a rudder pedal calibration issue. I didn't try calibration but will try today, however using the rudders was the only scenario that works so I believe the issue is with the buttons/keys rather the peddles. Unfortunately only one of us has peddles so I cant currently test 2 sets but suspect you are right and it may work. Do you have any suggestion for things to try/test with neither party having peddles connected please as that eliminates a peddle calibration issue? We've made some changes to the brakes that we hope will resolve this issue and that update will be coming out very soon. The update also contains some improvements to Connected Flight Deck, however my team (which is not the traditional Aerosoft Airbus Beta Team) has been unable to successfully connect to Connected Flight Deck in order to test these changes so we'll be finding out along with the customers how these changes work. That is great news, the update not the connection issue! πŸ™‚ do you have any idea when the update is due please? Many thanks for you help Pete
  21. Hi . Having just purchased the A330 today, we are trying CFD for the 1st time and are having this same issue with brakes sticking on. We have tried setting the brake control to a single joystick button, differential brakes using the keyboard and using rudder peddles (only one of us has rudder peddles to test) and it all give the same issue. The only way we were able to fly was to unassigned all brake controls except the one set of rudder peddles and just use the parking brake lever in the VC. If any brake button, include parking brake, was assigned by either flyer, then the first time it was pressed the brakes locked on and the parking brake lever stop working. Thanks Pete Just to add the detial of which controllers we have, I am using a Thrustmaster T-Flight Stick X joystick and Saitek Pro Rudder peddles (although only connected them up to trouble shoot this issue) and pilot 2 has a Cyborg V1 joystick
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