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  1. i follewed the steps Installation 1// Purchase and download the latest version of Aerosoft's Schiphol Amsterdam 2// Unzip 3// The folders wich are needed you can find in Aerosoft - EHAM Schiphol Amsterdam -> custom objects 4// Copy following folders "EHAM" , "grounddraped" and "vtg" into the main folder of the new Schiphol Airport 5// Purchase and download "ALES - The Airport Layout Enhancement Solution" by Pyreegue 6// Unzip 7// Copy "ALES LIB" folder into the Schiphol Amsterdam main folder 8// Copy the new Schiphol Amsterdam Airport folder into X-Plane 11 / Custom Scenery 9// Delete default Schiphol Amsterdam by Aerosoft from your Custom Scenery folder because this two sceneries will not work together as two seperate folders! 10// Enjoy the grounddraped folder is missing in my standard aerosoft EHAM schiphol folder custom objects. does anybody have a clue?
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