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  1. So... I was on the beta for the CRJ 700/900 X way back when. I had just started flying the plane in real life, and was excited to see a decent version come to our simulators. Unfortunately, it was never as good as it could have been in my opinion, and was more or less released as public beta (again, my opinion). So I did not fly it much. Since then, years have passed, I'm still flying the CRJ in real life though now from a different seat, we are a couple of P3D versions along and with the discount for owners of the previous version, I decided to check it out again. First quick fli
  2. Noticed this as well, with everything set up properly (trim, CG etc). I believe a current Airbus A320/330 pilot who made a video on the Aerosoft A330 I saw on Youtube mentioned that the Bus switches modes/sensitivity around this time but does so over a few seconds instead of instantly. So perhaps this behavior is modeled just without the transition time?
  3. It should be correct. Both fuel pumps off after starting one engine, you should see L FUEL PUMP, R FUEL PUMP and a L or R LO FUEL PRESS caution message. If not, check valve might be broken and it's a no go.
  4. I would like to second this request for the Nordica livery. Their -900 wears it like this: And the -700 like this: Own image:
  5. Long time since I checked here... There is still a readme.txt in the zip file for manual installation :). I have no clue if the livery works with any of the later Airbus versions.
  6. It seems the problem is now correcting itself after several reboots and restarts of the Launcher.... After the 4th reboot and then starting the Launcher, it suddenly notified me that I needed to activate Antarctica X, which it is now doing. My apologies for the useless thread .
  7. Hey guys. I'm in the process of reinstalling FSX and a massive amount of addons. I've installed Antarctica X and activated yesterday or the day before, and last night after installing a lot more addons I somehow managed to uninstall the Aerosoft Launcher without noticing it might affect Antarctica X. So there are now a bunch of .blob files in my Antarctica X scenery folder. No big deal I thought, simply reinstall the Launcher and see if I can fix it in there. So after reinstalling the launcher, Antarctica X was listed as activated, but I still had those encrypted .blob files hanging around.
  8. Hehe, nice comparison. Thanks for the extra info, I appreciate it .
  9. Thanks for the explanation, it helps a lot. Ever since I've done a typerating for the above mentioned Jetstream, it's become a slight addiction to get to know as much as possible about underlying mechanics for other aircraft, especially when they differ from what I'm familiar with. I think I'm still going to dig for some schematics of the lever setup to see how it accomplishes to maintain the most efficient settings .
  10. Hey guys, here's something that's been bugging me since release. I like to know why stuff happens and the manual is a bit limited about the power and condition levers. I initally posted this question in another topic, but thought it would be best to start a new one instead of bumping the old one up. Maybe I'm digging in too deep, but it's just bugging me a bit and any further information would be appreciated. Something like the schematic attached to this post, which is for a TPE331 on a JS3100/3200.
  11. Version 1.0


    This zip file contains a repaint for the Aerosoft Airbus X A320 IAE in the livery of Air New Zealand with their All Blacks scheme, as seen on the ZK-OAB. This is my 3rd repaint for the Airbus X and I do not have the same skills as some people here, but I did my best to represent the ZK-OAB as faithfully as possible. At the time of creation, no such livery was yet available but I see there's one in the library since the 20th of December, the same date I finished this one . More choice is usually good, so I thought I'd tweak it some more and still upload it. If there are any problems
  12. As far as I know, in the Jetstream, the condition levers do not control fuel flow except when in Beta mode (through means of a fuel governor). The reduction in temperature is more likely caused by the increase in mass air flow through the turbine due to the increase in RPM. Could you tell me which section/page of the J41 document describes it as being a result of surplus fuel, perhaps I'm mistaken? As for the Bronco, I'm not getting much out of the manual. It is unclear to me which levers control which functions. It mentions; - The power levers control thrust output (how, do they alter
  13. Looks like Spitfires and Bristol Blenheims to me. Seems to be all elliptical wings, but maybe a German fighter mixed in there somewhere seeing how all the fighters are darting around (maybe a BF-109 or something).
  14. Just checking, since the article on the main Aerosoft page mentioned a free product, so I was guessing it would be a competition with an end date. No end date is fine with me by the way, I want to make a couple of better shots, but have to start from scratch after a hard disk failure.
  15. Is there an end date to this challenge by the way?
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