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  1. I tired to copy and paste but I cannot click the blue buttons? I don't get a regular point cursor, I get a tiny hand?
  2. Hi Hans, Again thanks, but it's not called the DAVE....is it now the SAL 10000
  3. Hi, I tried to activate the NavPro in the DAVE. But the mouse does not seem to work on this page?
  4. fsusem36


    Yup it's working so yeah that was the issue. Again thanks!
  5. fsusem36


    Thanks again Hans. Perhaps you should get someone there to do a tutorial for Dummies....just sayin Ok got the charts but still I will need both right.
  6. fsusem36


    I downloaded the NavPro software over the weekend but I still do not see it on the DAVE Charts section? Installed to C:/Lockheed Martin/P3d folder, I assume that is the correct landing spot? Via the GUI that comes with software selected the proper P3D version and folder, and I have an excellent internet connection. So what am I missing?
  7. Ok thanks Hans, that explains it. Will get one or the other. Thanks!
  8. Hi Hans, At the moment no I do not use either. On the Dave there are sections, the chart section of the Dave is where I attempt to mouse click on all the menus ( in the chart section ) and get no response ? I think the lack of NavDataPro or Navigraph Charts, could be the issue? The second picture is what I think I should see.
  9. fsusem36

    DAVE question

    I have the version. On the DAVE in the Charts section it does not seem to react to attempt to toggle buttons. I think I am missing something as in some videos it appears to be working. I can go to the other sections and select functions it only has problem with Charts?
  10. Okay it looks like there is some noise issue coming from the Yoke. Did a test where I dis-connected the USB for the Yoke from my computer in fight and I was able to toggle the autopilot. So for the moment I have a work around ( albeit not a great one ). So Hans I am working with one of your troubleshooters to perhaps do this via the software. Will update soon. Thanks all for you help. And yes to all the above but I like using the Saitek Yoke/Throttle/Rudder system as it closely resembles that in real aircraft.
  11. Hi, so the temporary fix only lasted about one or two flights ( using the minimal setting). Now when I engage the autopilot it immediately sounds the alarm and even when I try to disengage by toggling the autopilot off switch it does not work and I have to hit the "Z" key in order for the alarm to stop. I will try to lesson the Null on the yoke, but I think it is a sensitivity issue with the planes software. As again I can fly the 737, and the King Air, and the Phenom, etc with no issues with autopilot.
  12. As said above...Go through setting up FMC (flight to and from, altitude, weights, route...etc). Set flaps, lights Set Yaw damper...etc. Then above 2500 attempt to set autopilot. You know the usual. And I do not have any settings that are extra... just da basics Man. I have flown real aircraft so I think I still know how to do this...:) And again I have many other aircraft and they all work fine with Autopilot...it's just this one I have the problem with ( CRJ Professional)
  13. Hi hope someone here can help me with this. I have the Saitek Yoke/Throttle/Rudder pedals using P3dv4.5. When I fly the CRJ 700 the autopilot will not engage. I set everything up in the FMC and toggle the Yaw damper but still no way to engage the autopilot???? Tired adjusting the settings to low but this seem to only have a temporary effect. Read some articles about potential noise casing this, but I can fly any other aircraft and the auto pilot works every time. So my problem is only with the CRJ, so I am wondering is there a way to either disengage the Yoke sensitivity setting via editing the software? I have heard about using FSUIPC but I have never used this, so would that help at all with my problem. I just want to be able to fly the CRJ. I don't think I am am the only person on the planet using the Yoke/Rudder combo so please if you are using the same hardware a little help please.
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