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  1. hallo Heinz, i found the problem. if you start the SAM2 Suite you MUST be connected to the Internet. If not you do not get any Infos and the above results. Because i have Windows 7 i am normaly not connected. To be disconnected I hope that this in the future not a Problem?! Thanks for the help
  2. hallo, my SAM 2 suite looks different yours. The path is Ok. i started XP11 and found " plugins / SAM / Versio & License" Version Plugin libary 2.04 WorldJetways 1.0.1 with extension, aktivate extensions i entered the e-mail name and the serial number from Aerosoft. I pressed activate and got the Info " Purchase Data not found " The Aerosoft serial number is longer than the expected one. Then i contacted the support by mail Do you have an idea what happens here ??
  3. hallo, i tryed this Please install all these C++ 64bit Libraries: done With the running SAM2 Suite install (Download Button) the SAM2 Plugin.... done. The suite is running Then start X-Plane and goto the Plugins Menu - SAM. :.....Not possible, inside the program is no Plug in menue ! If i go to the directory " resources/plugins/ SAM" you mean : Ther you find the"Version&Licence" for the WorldJetways to activate. But there is NO directory "Version&Licence" . hope you can help, thanks
  4. i tryed to run SAM like written in SAM worldJetways_aktivation...pdf. But there is no EXE file to start it. Where is this file to start it ?? There is also written "to activate goto directory Version & license ". I do not see it. Then i dounloaded the SAM Suite and tried to run it. It started, but there is only a black window. Nothing else. Is the SAM suite only for Windows 10 like written? I use win7 and Xplane 11 (updated. ) . Program is runnng here and aktivated with an inserted DVD.
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