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  1. Amazing! Roughly how much will this sell for however? and how will u sell this to me
  2. I was getting a product for the aerosoft a320 and im stuck between two. should i get the logitech multi panel or the logitech switch panel? I currently own none of these and i fly planes such as the a320/21/b737. if there is any other product u recommend please make sure it is in a budget of £80 Thank you
  3. Im sorry but i dont have a documentation i bought the a320 off the aerosoft website a long time ago now and im pretty sure i didnt get a documentation and even if i did it might be lost so what should i do thank you
  4. I am using flight simulator x and how to i put the thrust in climb descent I am also using the aerosoft a320 - 200 cfm
  5. it keeps saying a/thr limited please help
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