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  1. That's just cute! Can we experience a 'Dog vs. Cat'-chase across the runway?
  2. Absolutely amazing work! Looking forward to flying around between the airports... Now, for planning purposes: How many of them, will take a 747-400?
  3. I am sorry I overreacted and it was in the moment I interperated it wrong 

    1. Anders Bermann

      Anders Bermann

      Don't sweat it, my friend. :)

      We've all been there... 

  4. What do you mean by "custom sounds mod"? The sound pack will be developed by TSS, as far as I remember.
  5. In P3Dv4... I could be wrong, but I doubt there's any configurations available like that, in the real plane...
  6. Please see Mathijs' post here, which is already quite clear. There's no decision yet made, whether or not an FSX version will see the light of day... On a purely personal note, I applaud and salute the idea, that more and more developers are leaving the legacy 32-bit platforms behind and are concentrating their efforts on the future platforms. It can only mean more advanced functions, enhanced features and more complex and realistic aircrafts. I can understand, that some people - for personal and/or financial reasons - continue to use the older and outdated platforms, but to be a little frank (and brutal), those people should also understand that making such decision, also automatically implies leaving something out; and that is new and updated addons. It's not really fair to expect, that older and outdated platforms should be target development indefinitely. I know this probably isn't the most popular statement (and I'm getting ready for some 'flak'), but that's just how I see it...
  7. Please see this excellent post by @DaveCT2003 (<-- extremely nice, helpful and pleasant guy, btw!) Is the Airbus A330 being released for FSX?
  8. As far as I understand (and you can search the forums for the correct/more precise answers) the current position is basically: Nothing's been decided. No use crossing that bridge, until (or unless) they come to it.
  9. My friend, to be frank, you're really just setting yourself up for disappointment - and you won't get anywhere, with that self-righteous attitude. I can see, that you've been here for awhile, and by that, you should know that Aerosoft (or any developer in general) never gives any specific release information (it's actually rare that developers even give release dates) until they're very, very close to release. The reason for that, is pretty straight forward: Software development is a fluent process, and while there's an internal time-schedule and time-frame, these figures are - typically - never made public. Because it's a moving target to develop, design, code, test and release software - especially as complex as the one's Aerosoft is producing - public release information is never a sure date and publicize that too early, would just open up Pandora's Box of problems, customer complaints and a really big headache for Mathijs... (and trust me - no-one want's that!). Patience is a virtue - and that's about all the advice I can give you. Stay on the forums here and enjoy many previews that Aerosoft often release. There's a whole community full of friendly, knowledgeable people, who's is ready to help you out. The thing you need to remember and respect is: Release information is not something, which you ask for - it's something which is given to you. Happy Holidays.
  10. I'd agree with you there. I found an EFB inside the VC to be more of a distraction than actually be useful. Besides the viewing mechanics in FSX/P3D is so restricted and cumbersome, that it takes to much time and attention to use it effectively. But that's just my own opinion... Sorry for off-topic.
  11. Indeed yes. But if one would fly a specific route within the map, a flight-planning option would be a helpful (albeit not required) tool... 😊
  12. Great shots. Interesting. Work in progress... Just like the real one...
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