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  1. Thx Dave and Tom, works great. When setting the Navigraph (nav data download) path as noted, it automatically created the Navigraph folder when downloading the Navigraph AIRAC.
  2. I purchased and loaded the Aerosoft FSX Airbus A320/321 recently, and desire to use Navigraph as my navigation data base ( I have an account with Navigraph). I first opened the Aerosoft.Airbus.X. A320_21.Configurator.exe and set “Navigation Data Base” to “Navigraph” and then selected “Backup current settings.” I closed everything on my computer and then restarted the computer. Per online searches a Navigraph folder was supposed to be in C:/FSX/Aerosoft/Airbus Fallback. There is no “Navigraph” folder present, only the “NavDataPro” folder. I assumed that folder would be created when loading the Aerosoft Airbus FSX A320/321, but it’s not there. Another online recommendation noted looking in the path C:/Users/My Name/Documents/Aerosoft/General/A3XX Nav Data. There is no “General” Folder. From the path C:/Users/My Name/Documents/Aerosoft/ there are two folders, “Aerosoft Airbus Extended” and “Airbus.” There isn’t a folder named “Navigraph” in either of the noted folders. So, can’t find a “Navigraph” folder to load (latest) Navigraph navigation database into. What do I do to be able to use Navigraph for my Airbus A320/321 FSX products navigation database?
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