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  1. Hi everyone, just received the BTQ yesterday after a long wait and discover that everything works except the three landing gear lights. The lever works in the simulators, but the lights don’t. Do you think that is defective unit and must be replaced? Or I’m doing something wrong? I also check the unit with the Christmas tree app and the lights stays off...I’m very disappointed. Thanks Paolo
  2. May I ask in this thread, who has received the Bravo, ordered after mid January 2021 directly from Aerosoft? 🤔 thanks P.
  3. Hello, kindly may I have un update on the order nr. 1120286744 placed on 16th of January '21? I still have not processed yet. Will be part of this shipment? Thank you
  4. Hello, for me until now the CRJ is unflyiable, everytime I reach the glidesploe altidude the plane start to descent rapidly and even if I disengage the autopilt nothing happen the plane crash. I follow all the speed, but everytime at 3000ft it doesn't keep the altitude and continue the descent before intercepting the glideslope. It's very frustating. What I'm doing wrong?
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