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  1. Hi Shaun I just reinstalled FS9 on a new PC. I have a problem with LFPG (updated to 1.10) and Ultimate Terrain. There is a line of power pylons passing through the airport. It goes away when I disable UT. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling - no luck. I do use FSG NextGen mesh for France but no sceneries other than LFPG and LFMN. I tried to find any mention of this in the forum but couldn't. Any suggestions? Ian
  2. Hi Mathijs We all appreciate the occasional "sale" or discounts so thank you for continuing to do this. But I've noticed that the last few discount announcements have been exclusively for FSX. Don't forget us FS9 customers! We're still buying stuff...
  3. I'm no expert, but I might be able to come up a fix. I'll work on it this week and if I succeed, I will let you know Ian
  4. Yes, I installed the AES patch and that's working fine. I also tweaked the AFCAD and sorted that out, at least to my own satisfaction...There's still the issue of the advertized but non-existent ground traffic but I'm hoping for some resolution on that as Shaun is looking into it I also found that enhancing a number of WofAI files got some of the traffic mentioned on the airport web site to appear - the improved AFCAD also helped in that regard. It really is a fascinating place for it's relatively small size. Thanks again Ian
  5. Yes, I saw that it is in the AES 2.21 list of FS9 airports supported. But I have tried three times to get AES to add it and it does not recognize it. Yesterday I uninstalled the airport, downloaded new files for EHBK and AES 2.21 and reinstalled and I get the same result. No AES and no ground traffic. I have used AES almost since it was first released and have dozens of airports with AES suport and normally have had no problems at all. It's an excellent scenery but what "sold it" to me was the description of the ground traffic. As it's released by Aerosoft, I expected AES would be added as a matter of course so if that's not working yet, I know it wil be. But it's the dynamic ground traffic that I particularly want to know about Thanks Ian
  6. I purchased Maastricht/Aachen yesterday to be used with FS9. One of the things that influenced me to buy it was the description of the dynamic vehicle traffic as I am a huge fan of AESlite and love all of those sceneries that use it. I was deeply disappointed to find out that the FS9 version apparently does not have any dynamic ground traffic of any kind. I also cannot get AES 2.21 to recognize it. Could you please explain what is going on? If there is something that can be fixed I would appreciate knowing what to do. If there is in fact no AES support and no ground vehicle traffic in the FS9 version, then I will be deeply troubled as the advertizing for the FS9 version promised both
  7. A great improvement in what was already an excellent program. The increased detail in the vehicles is amazing and it was great to watch the marshaller walk away from the door so he didn't get hit on the head when the airstairs folded down! (BAC 111) So far I have seen no problems at all - I LOVE IT! Thank you! Ian
  8. Hi Shaun This is another wonderful scenery from Aerosoft/SimWings and I'm delighted with it and delighted that an FS9 version was produced. But I was having the same missing buildings issue that I've read about above. I will have to install via the Launcher but I'm going to be frank with you and say that I'm not happy about having to do that. I was having a number of issues with scenery and aircraft files being corrupted and I became 99% sure that I had tracked the problem down to the Aerosoft Launcher. Since uninstalling it I've had no problems. The same thing has happened to others - it isn't just me. Now I find I'm going to have to reinstall the Launcher. Not happy! I wasn't planning on making the possible problem with the Launcher an issue so haven't mentioned it on this forum but I am almost certain it is causing problems on some systems including mine
  9. Hi Andras I agree with the above comment. We really appreciate you doing what you can to update LHBP as you are certainly not obligated to do so. Thank you for going the extra mile. If the newer techniques of AESLite can also be incorporated, where vehicle movement is smooth and more intelligent, that would also be a nice improvement but again, do not feel obligated. You have already given us an excellent product at a fair price. Ian
  10. I have found the same thing. There seems to be a 1.5 patch for the CD version but if you purchased the download installer it instructs you to go to your account to obtain a new full install version. But the version is currently 1.2 which has been out for some time.
  11. Glad you are getting information on your customers rather than just assuming things. Please keep up the excellent work
  12. I purchased the FS9 version just a few weeks ago and the version I downloaded was 1.00. When I saw the announcement of an upgrade and saw there was a version 1.5 for FS9 I thought it was new and gave effusive praise both on your forum and AVSIM for upgrading an old product and making it available for free. Now I find out that the FS9 upgrade is two years old. I feel like a damn fool for posting my thanks for what I thought was a new version and am also not very happy that your default download is an outdated version. You may want to fix that. I really make an effort to be positive whenever possible on the sim forums and to give credit when it's due. This time I regret doing that. I'm not accusing Aerosoft of doing anything wrong and it is generous of you to release the FSX upgrade to former customers but I am pretty angry at having made myself look like an idiot. If I hadn't seen the announcement I would never have known that I was using an obsolete version. I usually have very high regard for Aerosoft but this time I feel frustrated and disappointed. (And embarassed!)
  13. I want to say thank you to the Aerosoft team for releasing the new LHBP Budapest scenery as a free upgrade to existing customers. It is virtually a brand new product and most developers would have treated it as a new product and expected past customers to purchase the new one. You did not and I think you deserve praise for this policy. It is this kind of thing that reinforces customer loyalty that makes the difference between a company that is there to make a quick profit and one that means to stay in business for the long haul. WELL DONE AEROSOFT! Ian Scott
  14. Thanks for the suggestion James. No, I haven't got a Demo key but will try to find it somewhere on the site
  15. Thomas. I would really like to try FSMap but when I downloaded the demo version it will not let me install without a key code. But to get a key code I have to purchase it... How can I get the demo to run. I am seriously interested in purchasing it but want to try it first. Thanks Ian
  16. Hi Shaun. I downloaded the demo version of FSMAP but it insists on full registration so it cannot be run. I would really like to try this. I read the readme and also opened the help file but could find no information on installing demo Thanks Ian
  17. I just purchased the new Keflavik scenery and I just want to say thank you to the Aerosoft management and developers for continuing to provide new products for FS9. I know that financially it's a difficult proposition trying to develop products for two different versions and I don't really blame anyone who decides to stop doing FS9 projects - the sim is after all, 8 years old. But there are still many of us who use it and so on behalf of all us "hold outs" I want to say thank you/danka schoen/merci for being the only major developer who hasn't given up on us. Though we may be a dwindling group, we are very committed simmers and I am certain you will continue to find us loyal customers who can be counted on to buy any new products you release Ian
  18. Great news -thanks. Downloading now!
  19. Hi Oliver I see in the AES 2.11 that FSX support is offered for LFMN but not for FS9. Is it possible to add the FS9 version? Thanks Ian
  20. Thanks Oliver - I appreciate the response. It's an awesome scenery - looking forward to when you can add AES to it... Have a great weekend Ian
  21. Hi Shaun I am enjoying LFMN Nice very much - looks great, very immersive and great FPS! And it will get even better when the new version of AES is released... I have just one problem. The ILS localizer for 4R is offset about 15 degrees to the right of the centerline. Is this an error or the way it is in real life? I looked through the documentation but didn't find anything about it. I can provide a screenshot if you need it Cheers Ian
  22. That did the trick! Moved the folder over, clicked the resynch button and its's all back to normal. Might be a good thing to be included in future manuals.... Thanks for the help!
  23. Hi Shaun I don't know if you will even see this old thread being reactived but thought I'd update you. I finally got my new PC and all my FS9.1 scenery is now operating with sliders full to the right and great FPS including EGLL and EDDM and other complex airports in high traffic, urban areas. Approaching Innsbruck is now much better than it was and I can now fly complex aircraft in and out with good performance and all the options turned on. It's wonderful and I now feel that I'm getting what I paid for. But I do have to tell you that it still gives a huge hit to FPS compared to all my other sceneries, many of which are far more complex. It is now in the "acceptable" range, but whereas I am getting FPS in the 40's and 50's with all my other payware sceneries, I am only getting low 20's in that same area of the Innsbruck scenery that I complained about back in August. I don't expect a fix - that's clearly not going to happen. But I have loaded the low resolution textures which I haven't had to do with any other scenery so far and have to turn the sliders back. No big deal - but I am more convinced than ever that there is something there in one of the buildings in or near the main terminal that is causing the problem. This is just a FYI - nothing more. It's a great scenery - but I am convinced there is a programming issue with it that could/should have been fixed Ian
  24. pennkiwi

    Lukla X

    I checked this thread because I am seriously considering buying this scenery now I have an airplane that can handle the task. (Just bought the FSD Pilatus Porter). I will be running it on Windows7 64bit, FS9.1 - does the same issue happen on there and if so, will the fix above work? I have been looking at this scenery for ages wanting to try it but decided to hold off until I got my new PC - and now I'm ready! But I only want it if there are no permanent issues.
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