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  1. Hi. Is there a way to get the tablet on the first officers side? Or is this not a thing? (If not, will it be added?)
  2. Sorry if this has already been asked... is the paint kit going to release before the CRJ?
  3. I meant the announcement being released, sorry if i caused any confusion
  4. Mathijs: appears Nobody: People at 19:15z: f5 f5 f5 f5 f5
  5. chill out guys it will be released... they are probably working really hard right now to get it out for us, considering the working day is over, just be patient
  6. its probably an sop thing. ill probably end up turning it off myself, so i dont forget and end up landing with FINRES!
  7. When this releases, thinking of 'delivering' it from Quebec to London. Does anybody know what airports these flights would stop at on the way in real life?
  8. Will aerosoft release the paint kit prior to release?
  9. I know right. My card is hiding from me right now!!
  10. Interesting! You learn something new every day 😎
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