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  1. But will there still be an update for Zurich airport? I've been waiting for a very long time now. I know the developers have another job and do airports as a "hobby" but it's now a very long time ago since I've asked for an update...
  2. Thank you for your comments. I usually use Ezdock Walk and Follow to take those shots.
  3. Here is my newest video! I hope you'll enjoy it. (Watch in HD for better quality and sound) Don't forget to check out my channel and subb for more. Thanks for watchin'
  4. Hey guys, here is my newest video about the wonderful scenery of Innsbruck. I hope you'll enjoy it and hope you'll leave some comments.
  5. Yeah would be a great idea!
  6. Hello everybody, First of all, you've done really great job with this airport very detailed and complete! Now, my problem actually is, that the bridges are shown but that between the normal taxiway and the bridge is kind of a gap or hole which appears when I'm in front of the bridge, passing and leaving it. I've already looked in the FlyTampa forum and there they told to try to change the options in the option box during installing. Unfortunately this box doesn't appear during installing (I've got the Boxed-version). Like this I can't soolve the bridge problem. Does anybody know how to solve those problems? Thank you very much for your help. Regards Loïc
  7. Here is my newest video. I hope you'll enjoy it. =D
  8. Impressing pictures! Great graphics! Could you please tell me which scenery you've used for LAX?
  9. Any news of the update? And could it even be possible to add more details on the midfield ("Zuschauerterrasse") and the place where the public can go at the corssing of RWY28 and 16`like Zurich X Live 1.1? Or just generally add more details in the parts where you haven't done as much details as in other parts? Would be really nice to see details like in Zurich X live 1.1... Here is a link where you can see what I mean: http://www.zurichx.c...temid=3&lang=de http://www.zurichx.ch/index.php?option=com_phocagallery&view=category&id=3%3Azurich-x-live-v10&Itemid=3&lang=de
  10. Hey guys, this is my newest video. I hope you'll enjoy it and don't forget to rate, comment and subbscribe. Thanks for watching.
  11. Ok. Thank you very much. =D
  12. Thank you for your replies. Em yes I've already looked in it but it actually doesn't improve the performance, even I've set no clouds etc. Now my second question is, Aerosoft has lately released a new version for MA Budapest which unfortunately only was available as a new download from their website. The problem is that I've bought the airport in a shop as a box version and not on the official Aerosoft site. Now I don't know how to download this new version, because I'm not registred and haven't bought it on their site. Can anybody help me?
  13. 26. February 2012 and still no new infromation. You told us that if these pics were released we could expect a release soon... Still nothing's going on.
  14. Hey folks, I've recently bought the MA Budapest from a flight simulation shop in switzerland (mailsoft, Pfäffikon) so it is not the newest version of the MA. My question is now, how can I load the new version of the MA? The problem is I didn't buy it in the Aerosoft Shop and like this I can't load the new version because it is not available as an update. Thank you for your reply Kind regards, Loïc Rais
  15. Here is another of my videos. I hope you'll enjoy it. =D Thanks for watching.
  16. Here is one of my videos. I hope you'll enjoy it. Would be nice if you could make some statements to help me for improvement. =D Please watch in HD for better quality. =D Thanks for watching: Don't forget to also visit my youtube channel. =D http://www.youtube.com/user/mrlol237?feature=watch
  17. Ok. Thank you for your quick answere. =D
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