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  1. The catering loader in 2.20d is a very nice touch! (He seems to be a very efficient worker, so I hope he's well paid. ) In the 2.20d announcement, there was a mention of "enhancements" to the config and possibly a way to determine if the right doors are open. Would it be a good idea to allow the entry of the keypress combination for each aircraft to open/close these doors? My thoughts are that when the loader has elevated the truck and has walked over to the aircraft door, if the door is closed then AES could open it. (And then close it when the final loading has completed.) Regards,
  2. Without visible version numbers or dates... there was a chance. But it was 1.03.... Now, silly question #2: Do I install over the current version - or remove first and then install? (All of my GAP3 airports are AES'ed.) Regards,
  3. I see version 1.02 available in my Aerosoft Support form for GAP3X. I did purchase from simMarket however. Should I be looking there instead?
  4. Just wanted to check on this as it's still strange to me. I have the latest version of the scenery - and no conflicting sceneries; I'm running FSX SP2 and AES 2.08, and other airports' runways appear fine.
  5. Good day! I own a license to Faro X and I'm interested in Holiday Airports X. I have a few questions first, please: 1. Do I have to uninstall the current Faro, or do I just overwrite it, or can I bypass installing it from the Holiday package? 2. I have AES credits applied at Faro - if I have to install from the Holiday package, will the current credits still be good or will I have to apply more credits? 3. I have a friend who has no Aerosoft airports. May I gift my current Faro X license to him if I install Holiday Airports? Thank you kindly for your time. Regards,
  6. Thank you kindly, Shaun and Manfred. At Barajas, the wigs are now wagging properly.
  7. At this point I guess I have to inquire if there is a major problem in getting these files - at least of the visibly missing objects? And if there is a problem, how quickly should a resolution be expected? I've attempted to be respectful of everyone's time - and if I haven't I apologize - but it's been nearly three months since the initial inquiry.
  8. I tried removing and reinstalling the scenery, as well as re-applying AES with no change to the runway. Am I chasing a ghost here?? Any replies would be welcome.
  9. Hello, I've just purchased Aerofile's Billund for FSX and enabled AES for it. I get the marshaller, the follow-me car, and the gates. But on the runway I do not see the water/snow effect, nor do I hear the 'centerline light sound effects.' I asked the publisher, and they had not heard of this being an issue. I'm using AES 2.08, FSX SP2, and I've checked that other airports' runways give me the sound and visual effects with the same aircraft. I also do not have any conflicting airport scenery BGLs. (I've checked with Airport Scanner.) Does anyone have any idea why this might occur? With regards,
  10. The SimWings airports are nice. Madrid quickly became my favorite large Aerosoft airport, and I was looking forward to picking up Barcelona. But I haven't flown out of Madrid in weeks and feel that I'm losing interest. I had also planned to pick up both the Holiday series and Munich sight unseen but that hasn't happened yet. Perhaps the shorter days have taken me away from Europe for the season.
  11. Anyone, Has the effort here been abandoned?
  12. Shaun, Have things slowed down so that you've been able to hear anything from the third party developers on this? At least anything about what I assume is the missing wig-wag texture?
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