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  1. Hmm isnt it Tomorrow now?? :-) Want to do a CTP test flight today so do not have the whole day waiting lol
  2. Not working for me. Everytime i log in i get no error messages. it seems fine but i do not see anyone else online. But if i go to the map view on the vae page i see me online outside the coast of Africa. But im at andras field inside my hangar
  3. Congrats and good luck to the new Board
  4. That Board has always been there :-)
  5. Here is my new painted Vampire :-) Thank you for the job Matt!!!
  6. Looks like my little birds soon is ready to fly :-) Looking forward to wake up the park. Can you please make sure that your cats is indoor when it happens. Dont want them into my jet engine.
  7. I will not put myself in for canditate at this time. I have to much to do whit so little time at the moment. Good luck to you all
  8. Hehehe Evan. Welcome to the park :-) gonna be a long trip in a c172 :-)
  9. My Order: Vampire X from SD (www.suprunovdesign.com). Registration: D-FRED I can send you the paintkit if needed
  10. AF34 missing a name (Fredrik Hofstad Haugen)
  11. It should work have no problem whit it here
  12. Is it possible to make a offset approach for rwy 09? That would be the safest one due to the montain Here is an exemple http://www.ippc.no/norway_aip/current/AIP/AD/ENKB/EN_AD_2_ENKB_5-4_en.pdf
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