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  1. Hey Kyle, I am still not using SCE (but i will). I can just tell that i expercienced issues with some FSDT american airports when i uncheck them in the FSX library. If i reactivate the scenery, FSaddon manager says : airport installed but not active. But, guys, you know that FSDT is top notch programming, i am shure they already thought about this. I will read what Umberto says about that. thanks Alstiff. best
  2. Well... yes i think so. Already got this problem. But there is probably a proper way to avoid this issue. but are we reducing a lot of VAS by deactivating FSDT airports ? That's the question. best
  3. Alstif, did you remove FS Dreamteam airports too ? Bcause its give me headaches each time since couatl needs to reload the sceneries each time you deactivate them in the library or is there a better way ? Dom
  4. My appologies to Emilios, After several tries, no more OOM encountered at LGTS. I just had to uncheck vector lights (very greedy apparently) on FTXGlobal. From all my scenarios, i am now approaching the airport with VAS=3000 which is way enough. Appologies again Emilios.. This is a fantastic scenery. Dom
  5. That's what we need to elaborate now, all the community... Fair VAS quantity for aircrafts, sceneries, third part addons, untll new solutions. New rules for a crisis situation unless you want to deny it.
  6. I flew yesterday from LGIR to LGTS, Dusk time, NGX aircraft FTXG, no other sceneries activated in library, no UTX, no ActiveSky, no REX... over ATN, my VAS remains at 2800 - 3000MB.. and on approach LGTS, the VAS boosted all of a sudden to 3950 ending in OOM. I used the scenery configurator to Thessaloniki lite version. in FSX, no extra clouds, no traffic, My PC is a market standard, I7 / 6 MB, Windows 7 64 bits. To me, Thessaloniki has overpassed the FAIR quantity of VAS thagt shoud be allowed to a scenery, assuming people can use their NGX and a minimum Orbx conform. Sorry guys Dom
  7. Thanks very Much Emilios. Your scenery is purely amazing. I would have put the city as an option for those who can't handle it but, it's easy to say. Great work anyway ! Dom
  8. Hi Mathijs i wonder if Aerosoft will be at Mondial Simulation Paris Bourget, as an exhibitor ? If it's a Yes, any valuable announcement for french simmers ? (And i am not forgetting the great Toulouse airport you release this year !) best Dom Mason ADX
  9. Thanks Mathijs A lot of people from Lyon will shure send you some up-to-date materials. I will just inform IVAO France (if members are not already aware of your needs). good news Dom
  10. This is just my way to tease Aerosoft about it but, gentlemens, Airport Lyon is announced in the pre-order page for 6 months now and not a single news ? Can we know who is the team in charge of this scenery ? If it's Sim-Wings, come on , they are overcrowded with projects, already. A tip please... Dom
  11. Hi all Does this mean that we can expect a long and fruitfull cooperation between Aerosoft and L.I.F. ?
  12. Hello Emiliios, Mathijs, Corfu is in Beta since september 1st if i remember. Any sign of a final release date ? I want to help Greece ! Dom
  13. Agreed ! And we barely recognize Time Square night lights ! And with surrounding airports (La Guardia and maybe soon Newark), an optimized - upgrade payware version would be great.
  14. Lol, Mathijs, if i could guarantee 4000 copies for real, you know i would also had to request my 5% royaltees Dom
  15. Well, Montreal is a vivid international airport. A lot of people can find interest in it : not only quebecan and americans but also a lot of europeans. Come on : every body has a canadian cousin somewhere And photos materials aren't a problem. And there is no serious freeware project on it except CUYL Project which is for X Plane. And it's not an awful heavy airport to make (from my memory, no bridges). Dom
  16. +1 Can we have a really good Montreal airport ? I guarantee 4000 copies sold ! Dom
  17. Oh Come on Aerosoft is certainly not to be afraid of freeware initiatives. Even so, Aerosoft shall nourish itself of freeware initiatives But this debate is far from beeing important at this very moment. My heart goes to Norway. Dom Mason (and i hate to send posts on sundays)
  18. Thanks Nick, i made a link to this thread. really nice screens Dom
  19. Hi Nick Is this preview from Antartica or a third part project ? Tell me if i may post it in Airdaliyx Thanks. Dom
  20. Can we have a word on the developer/team in charge of the project, Mathijs ? Some pictures look so real ??!! Dom Mason
  21. Hello Aerosoft, Mathijs, Shaun, Several simmers from Airdailyx asked me some news about German Airfields serie and North East area (and Berlin) ? Is this something you are still considering or is it just a matter of low sales or planning ? Thanks very much for your answer. Dom Mason
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