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  1. Tried this, but it's not letting me edit whats already there. It only puts a new text line overtop.
  2. Any chance of getting The Airport Guys new Myrtle Beach (KMYR) scenery supported in AES? http://theairportguys.com/products-2/myrtle-beach-2012/
  3. No problem. You do fantastic work. I'm looking forward to seeing what you can do with the CRJ when it is released.
  4. Thanks for this repaint Holgi. I'm glad to have something better than the incorrect Aerosoft default.
  5. I had this problem too. If you click on options it will give you a window where you can tell norton to restore the file and ignore it.
  6. Looks like updating to AES 2.12 fixed my issues at Nice :-)
  7. Oliver, could you maybe send me the LIB file you are using via e-mail? I think I may have a bad file as it seems unusually small (93kb) .
  8. Oliver - I have DX10 preview off both in the sim and in the Nice X settings. I also uninstalled and re-installed both AES and Nice X but still have the same problem. All other AES airports are working fine. Mark - I sat on the tarmac for almost 30 minutes.
  9. Oliver, My autogen is set to normal. The file AES-LFMN-ASI.BGL is present.
  10. F9DCEC41C4D6EB01F1DCEC41BD6FED41078EEC41EFDCEC41C2DC280760E5 I have tried the repair/refresh button without success.
  11. AES is activated in full mode. I set all my sliders to max to see if that helps, but still no jetways. It seems as if my copy of AES is missing the object files for the jetways.
  12. I think the problem is with AES. When I disable AES the jetways reappear. With AES enabled all i get displayed are the stairs attached to the jetway and the rubber canopy.
  13. Just updated my copy of Nice X to the latest version. I'm not sure if it is a problem with the scenery or AES, but the jetways are not appearing and there are floating flashing yellow lights moving around the airport. I have tried the repair/refresh button in AES without any success. Any ideas?
  14. Beautiful paint. Any chance we could see some new tails? I personally would love to see the "Mosaic" tail as well as the brand new "Barcode" and "Bubbles" tails.
  15. Would love to see these done as well. Also would love to see the Mosaic tail.
  16. Delta Airlines - A320 US Airways (IAE and CFM) - A320 and A321 United (90s, Current, and post Continental Merger Livery) A320 JetBlue (Various Tails) Spirit Airlines (New and Old Livery) A320 and A321
  17. I have no problems with KATL V2 and KLGA V2. MYNN is not even appearing as installed in my AES library.
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