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  1. Sorry for the section topic... Wich combination?
  2. Hi guys, i use FSX SE with real world weather and i use A320/321 DLC. why i can't see the direction wind and intensity in my ND? i can see it only in departure and in arrival time. i can do anyting? i have attach an image thanks you for the answer Simone
  3. Hi mopperle!! i'm good thanks! so... okk!!! i will open a topic for every problem! thank you! Thank you!!!
  4. Hi guys, Sorry for my poor english... i hope to improve my language early!! i have some problem with my Airbus 320/321. I use FSX SE with Windows 10 64 Bit... First problem.... Sometimes, when i upload the aricraft (after starting the scenary) i can't run the airplane... Second problem... the weather radar don't work on my Nd. Under the GS/TAS i see only ---/---..... Third... whe i ready to fly, in the airport base, the VOR don't work... i put in to the FMS the right information but i can't look the information... Some one can hel
  5. Herman thanks and sorry!!! It was not my intention to create problem... i thought of hooking a similar problem... Sorry again!!!
  6. i have another problem with navigraph! Navigraph don't work with aerobus. I have installed navigraph,i have updated the AIRAC, in the aerosoft configurator i have selected NAVIGRAPH but when i go on FSX and i select the FMC, i don't see the new AIRAC. i see only the old AIRAC.... Someone can? the configurator is open by administator. Sorry for my poor english....
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