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  1. Version V1.0


    Here is the version of AFR new LIDO layout, which is 98% accurate. Feel free to report any bug. Enjoy
  2. great News, do you have any date for the relase ? regards , Jules
  3. Hi, And do you know if aerosoft works on the A318/319 and more advanced Airbus ? J. Thanks
  4. hi, I would like buy this bus but i would like know a think firstly . With the FMGS can i entrer waypoint and sids/stars ?And how to update the Navdata ? regards Jules ,
  5. Hi, I want thanks the aerosoft equipe for the great work of the Airbus and the release . I thinks all systeme are pretty good without the Vnav and Lnav . I would like know if their 'll have an upgrade for have a FMGC realistic with Sids&Stars/Vnav/Airways/CG/ etc.. But i Know aerosoft annonced the airbus 'll be basic for the cockpit 10/10 same for Overhead and radio the only problem is the FMGC so my questions are Their 'll are an upagrade for the FMGS ? If yes , approximate when ? and we 'll have to pay ? sorry for my english Jules regards
  6. yes but i live in France don't to be unpleasant thnanks I'don't know why i've -2 for my post , i want just some informations j.
  7. we are the 30 so where 's the Airbus ? Frendly Jules
  8. Good afternoon, we will be able to buy this Airbus at Aerosoft French , main page because ,we don't have this airbus in pre-order pre-order aerosoft French thanks for help Jules //French Division
  9. the airbus 'll have a NAV (VNAV for boeing ) ? J.
  10. Hi , The FMGC would be more realistic thant Airbus Wilco ? Jules
  11. Hi, Why in aerosoft website french division http://www.aerosoft.com/cgi-local/fr/iboshop.cgi?show450,5571789730 in preview , in french reservé ,there don't are the Airbus aerosoft X thanks Jules
  13. Ok thanks i "ll tell you if that that the solution
  14. hi , i have a ATI where 's ?
  15. Hi , I fly with this B747 PMDG ,1 year ago but there are a problem when i have reinstal FSX, the ailerons of the 747 kept down do you have the same problem ? so i need some help thanks jules http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=9862172010_7_23_20_6_13_878.png
  16. relax , me excused myself , sorry I have not SEEN J.
  17. ok thanks , and i sorry i haven't seen this good day J.
  18. Hi Mathijs, I would like know If the Airbus aerosoft X 'll to be the same quality or a bit below of a PMDG product ? If the Airbus Aerosoft will to be better than Airbus Wilco ? and , Do you thinks the airbus 'll to be relase in download version this month or in august ? thanks Mathijs Jules
  19. yeah , use commander for navigation that not realist If they don't have any FMGC , i don't buy this airbus J.
  20. ok I'm sorry ,I didn't see have a good day Jules
  21. Hi, The Airbus Aerosoft X has got a FMC ? And if Yes , there are a Navgraph service for the DATA ? thanks Jules
  22. Hi, Very Nice thanks for screens I can't Wait for this very nice AIRBUS good day J.
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