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  1. Ok, is it then possible the merge the aersoft a320 cockpit to a freeware a330? And if, how?
  2. HI! Just wondering if Aerosoft a330 works on FSX as well?
  3. Hi! I managed to fix the problem. The problem was an odd windows update who had messed with some needed windows files. I simply did just restore back before the update! But i want to thank you Dave for your engagement! Have a nice week, and stay healthy! ❤️
  4. Hi! Everything should be up to date. My AIRAC is also up to date, and i create my flight plans with that AIRAC. I use Navigraph. I have about 600-700 hours on the FSLabs Airbus, i haven't found any problems there. It's only the aerosoft airbus who flies trough checkpoints on the second flight, don't know why... I've tested many things and i found out that DIR TO kind of solves the problem, but at the same time not.. Don't know what more to do. My PC is a very strong gaming pc from 2019, i have all the microsoft files needed aswell.
  5. Hi! So i just got the airbus bundle, and it works great. I had my first flight with autopilot at flight plan, and there was no problems. I buttered and i went to my gate and started over again. I did put in my new flight plan, everything was alright. But, after the take off when i did enable autopilot it did just go trough the checkpoints, it didn't follow the flight plan at all. I reinstalled both FSX and the airbus bundle = still same thing. The first flight always works well, but when i try to fly the second flight it just go trough the checkpoints ..... it's making me triggerd ... I've tried to activate cold and dark after landing and everything, still same nonsense. Can someone please help me out=
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