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  1. Yes HF3 has been installed. DL turned on. No additional shader tools. See attached pictures A330 landing taxi and TO lights ON cocpit view.bmpA330 landings ,taxi and TO light ON.bmp A330 landing light ON outside view.bmp A330 landing lights ON cocpit view.bmp A319 landing taxi and TO cocpit view.bmp A319 landing light ON.bmp A319 landing light ON cocpit view.bmp
  2. Can abyone help my with above mentioned issue...this is a good aircraft but the landing lights not iluminated runway...
  3. P3Dv4.5 and the latest A330 update few days ago(do not remember version code).
  4. Yes I have read all the topic to find some known solution. I have been toggling the switcch many times and no ilumination efect. As mentioned abobe I can see the ilumination on the ground but just a few meters in front of the wing and fuselage no efect for cocpit view.
  5. I have the same problem . I can not see landing lights ilumination on the runway from cocpit. I check this issue on a few airports and everywhere the same problem occure. I can see the landing light from outside view and some iluminations for some "meters" in front of the wings but there is not ilumination in front of the aircraft nose wich causing very dificult landing. I can see iluminations from taxi/takeoff lights but this is not enought for proper runway view. Anyone can help?
  6. This is a livery I have add to my fleet. I have a model=SD and still get a black aircraft. It is my first time with Aerosoft product and 2 liveres have been added with the same result both aircrafts are black....must be my mistake but do not know what went wrong.
  7. Juste have an issue with new liveries installed into my new A330. I have download livery of Qatar Airways and Condor install them ,update aircraft.cfg . New aircraft show up in P3D but whole fuselage and winngs are black. What went wrong?
  8. Guys can anyone make a fictional liver A330 LOT Polish Airlines. There is no A330 in their fleet but hope it will in the future . It will be nice to have it in my fleet.
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